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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 398

"I'm just reminding you. You have to remember," Abel said, "Anyway, you have to avoid these two things that I mentioned. " "Okay," Emmeline nodded obediently, "I'll remember it very well. " "If anything happens, call and discuss it with me. " "You're being a nag," Emmeline could not help chuckling, "Abel, is something big going to happen? You're making me so nervous. " "Prevention is better than cure," Abel said, "Maybe I'm too cautious, but you should still be more careful. " "I got it," Emmeline said, opening her arms to him. "I can't go down. Hug me. " Abel reached out to lift her off the rocks with a loving smile. It had already gotten quite dark when they were coming down the mountain. They could not see the path beneath their feet. Abel carried Emmeline on his back as they went down the mountain. Luca and a few bodyguards were looking up at them from the flat ground at the foot of the mountain. They were thinking about how much Abel doted on his wife. Carrying her up the mountain and now carrying her down. It is truly a rare thing! The next day, after having lunch, Abel went on a business trip as planned. An hour and a half later, Adam received a message, "Mr. Adam, he has boarded the plane. " Adam replied, "Keep an eye on him until he reaches his destination. " "Okay, Mr. Adam," the other man replied. At 10. 00 pm that night, Adam received another message, "Mr

Adam had not taken any action yet. It was obvious that they had confirmed his entry into Xandenia. Would they take action tomorrow? Of course, everything could be due to his over-anxiety, and he might have misjudged the situation

. However, with his five years of intensive training, he had sensed the danger. At 3. 00 am, the plane to Struyria took off. … When Emmeline woke and washed up, she went to the kitchen to prepare breakfast for the children as usual. Kendra and Daisy were already there. The cereal was boiling on the stove while Daisy was making steamed buns. "What do you need me to do?" Emmeline tied her apron. "You are on your period and don't feel well. So leave it to us," Daisy said. "But I don't feel uncomfortable," Emmeline said, "My belly doesn't hurt, and my back doesn't hurt. I'm fine. " "Mr. Abel told us yesterday afternoon to take good care of you, to ensure that you don't do any work, and to avoid touching cold water," Daisy smiled. Emmeline puffed out her cheeks. She knew that the night before, Abel had searched for many dos and don'ts during the period. The next day, he told it all to Daisy and Kendra. So, what else could she say? "Okay then," Emmeline shrugged, "I'll wake up the children. " After breakfast, they went to kindergarten. Emmeline drove to the Nightfall Cafe. "Ring ring…" Her phone suddenly rang