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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 399

Emmeline held the steering wheel with one hand and picked up the phone with the other. It was a landline number that she did not recognize. Thinking it might be a sales call, Emmeline rejected the call. But the landline number called again quickly. Emmeline thought about it for a minute, then answered the call with one hand. An old voice came from the phone. "Ms. Emmeline?" Emmeline was taken aback. "Yes, who is this?" "I am Fabian Ryker, the butler of the Ryker residence. " "Oh. " Emmeline frowned, feeling something was not quite right, "Sir, why are you calling me? Is there something wrong?" "It's about Old Mr. Ryker," Fabian said. "Please come over. " Emmeline was anxious. Did Abel guess correctly? Old Mr. Ryker is looking for me? But what can he want from me? "Old Mr. Ryker wants to see me," Emmeline asked, "Can you tell me what it's about?" "Ms. Emmeline, it's better if you come in person," Fabian said, "How can I explain it clearly over the phone?" "Okay," Emmeline agreed, "Please tell him that I'll be there soon. " After hanging up the phone, Emmeline remembered Abel's instructions. She felt it was necessary to inform Abel. So she dialed Abel's number with one hand

Unfortunately, she never became his wife. If Abel were not his brother, he would have fought for her. But now he felt he could not disgrace his family

. "Where's Abel?" Adam asked intentionally, "Why didn't he come with you?" "He went on a temporary business trip," Emmeline replied calmly, "He won't be back for a few days. " "Is that so?" Adam made a gesture of invitation, "Let's get in. " "Do you know why Grandad suddenly called me?" Emmeline asked. "I don't know either," Adam puffed his cigar. "I just came over. " "Oh," Emmeline nodded, "Then let's go in together. " They entered the hall, and Oscar was sitting on the sofa, holding his cane with two hands. His bald head, tough face, and deep eyes made Emmeline feel like she was seeing a principal from a TV drama. "Old Mr. Ryker," Emmeline politely called him. "Shouldn't you call me grandad?" Oscar's voice was cold. "Grandad," Emmeline replied immediately. She and Abel were not married yet, so Oscar had not given her permission to call him grandad. But she felt it was right to show respect to older adults. She called him Grandad only because he was old, not because he was Grandpa of Abel. "Hmm," Oscar put down his cane and sipped tea from his cup, "Just stand there and talk. " Emmeline was anxious, feeling that the older man had no good intentions. Did he make me stand to speak? Are they interrogating me?