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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 400

"Okay," Emmeline said, raising her chin slightly. "I wonder what Grandad wants me here for. Any advice?" "Hmm," Oscar gestured towards Fabian. Fabian came over with a small tray. Emmeline glanced at it and thought it was empty. But Fabian said, "Ms. Emmeline, please look at what this is. " Emmeline looked into the empty tray and saw a delicate needle lying inside. She recognized it at a glance. It was her hidden weapon. At this moment, she still had two in her hand. "It's a needle," Emmeline answered calmly, "Everyone knows that, right?" "Whose needle is this?" Oscar asked with narrowed eyes. "I told Adam last time," Emmeline scratched her head and looked at Adam, "Adam, last time I showed you. Was it from that store?" Adam was taken aback because he did not expect Emmeline to remember this. "You don't remember?" Emmeline said, "Then I'll check on eBay and see if that store sells this needle. " She looked at Oscar and said, "Grandad, how many do you want? I'll help you place the order

" "Adam," Oscar glanced at him, "Are you sure?" Adam turned to Emmeline with a cold face and said, "Emmeline, don't play dumb. Last time, I asked you. What is your relationship with Waylon Adelmar?" "Grandad," Emmeline pouted, "Adam is being unreasonable

. I told him I don't like Dragon Oath, but he keeps asking me these questions!" "Grandad," Adam said, "Don't listen to her nonsense. " "Adam, you're being unreasonable. " Emmeline stomped her foot, "If you want to know about Waylon, wait until I finish reading Dragon Oath, we can discuss it for three days and three nights!" Adam was so angry that he waved his hand and said, "Three days and three nights? Forget it!" Emmeline pouted and did not say anything. "Forget it. " Oscar impatiently waved his hand. Adam was also annoyed. How could two ordinary steel needles bought online be considered the Adelmar Clan's hidden weapons? This was too low-end for the Adelmar Clan. "But Grandad," Adam immediately reminded him, "You forgot about the medicine?" "Yes!" Oscar immediately nodded at Fabian. He lost the first round, but there was still a second round. Fabian took out the bag of herbs and showed it to Emmeline. "I recognize this," Emmeline said. "It's the medicine I prepared for Auntie Julianna to treat her heart attack. " "This is not an ordinary folk recipe," Oscar said sternly, "How do you know this recipe?"