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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 401

"Grandad, you're amazing!" Emmeline raised her thumb. "You guessed it right this time!" "I guessed it, right?" Oscar was surprised. "Yes, this recipe is not folk. It's a secret recipe!" Emmeline said. "Secret recipe?" Oscar was stunned for a second, "What did you say?" "It is a secret recipe handed down from the ancestors. " Adam thought, "What is Emmeline talking about?" "Did the ancestors hand this secret recipe?" Oscar asked. "Yes," Emmeline said seriously, "You can check it out. " Emmeline's words left Oscar perplexed. "Grandad, you are very healthy. " Emmeline waved her hand and said, "You don't need this recipe. " "Hmm," Oscar nodded, "I don't need it. " "I'll help you take a look later and see if my ancestors left any secret recipes for longevity. If there are any, I'll give them to you. " "Okay

It was Abel who had returned! He held a gun and pressed it against Adam's temple! The hall fell silent, and everyone was holding their breath. Forty minutes ago, Abel landed at Struyria Airport. He turned off airplane mode on his phone and saw a missed call from Emmeline

. He called Daisy to ask about her. Daisy said that Emmeline had gone to Nightfall Cafe. Abel then called Sam, who told him Emmeline had not arrived yet. Abel rushed to the Ryker residence and found that his suspicion was correct. Adam was about to harm Emmeline! "Abel!" Adam's voice trembled, "How could you point a gun at me? You will kill me!" "Do you even care about the consequences?" Abel held Emmeline tightly and reprimanded him, "Are you still my brother? You mistreated my wife, your sister-in-law, while I was away!" For a moment, Adam did not know what to say. "Grandad!" Abel turned his head and asked Oscar, "What's going on? Did you just watch him do such a despicable thing?" Oscar was also at a loss for words, "You misunderstood, Abel. Put down your gun first!" "Misunderstood?" Abel angrily said, "If I had been here a second later, his palm would have killed Emma!" "I didn't!" Adam explained with a stiff neck, "I know Emma is skilled. I was just praising her in front of Grandad. " "That's right," Oscar also went along with him, "So Adam was testing Emmeline's skills. " "But why do I feel like Grandad and Adam arranged this?" Abel sneered, "Are you using the strategy to trick me?"