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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 402

"What nonsense are you talking about, Abel?" Oscar scolded him angrily, "It's all a misunderstanding!" Abel asked Emmeline in his arms, "Emma, did Adam hit you?" Emmeline shook her head, blinking her big eyes. "Um, not?" "Yeah. " Emmeline nodded. "Abel," Adam trembled and said, "You should put away your gun first. " "Abel!" Oscar angrily said, "If you don't put away your gun, don't blame me for being rude!" "I can put away my gun," Abel said, "but I won't allow this kind of thing to happen again!" "You have my word!" Adam raised his hands and said, "It will never happen again. " "What about Grandad?" Abel said it coldly. "Well," Oscar had a bad expression, "It won't happen again. " "What do you think, Emma?" Abel looked at Emmeline in his arms. "I'm discussing the Dragon Oath with Adam and Grandad," Emmeline said, "Maybe Adam just wanted to test my skills for fun. We were playing around. " "Since it's just playing around, I won't blame anyone," Abel put away his gun and sneered, "This is Timothy's toy gun. I'm just playing around with Adam and Grandad too!" Adam's face darkened with fury. He wanted to lash out but held back. He knew that Abel was not just playing around with him and Oscar. If Adam had laid a hand on Emmeline, Abel would still knock him down, even if Abel was unarmed. Oscar also had to suffer in silence, snorting cold air. Then he said angrily, "Abel, weren't you on a business trip? Why are you back so soon?" "There's an epidemic over there," Abel said, hugging Emmeline. "I was advised to return

I miss those four babies too. " "Yes, Grandad. " Abel grabbed Emmeline's hand and quickly walked out of the hall

. After leaving the house, Abel held Emmeline in the back seat. "I was really worried. Luckily I arrived in time. " "When you suddenly appeared and pointed a gun at Adam, you were so cool!" Emmeline looked at Abel's face with admiration in her eyes. "You scared me. " Abel affectionately pinched her face. "But it's true. If I fought Adam, I might not be his match. " Emmeline understood Adam's intentions when he suddenly attacked her. She would not reveal her skills in a few moves, but if she used too many moves, she might expose the martial arts of the Adelmar family. By then, Oscar would see through her skills. Without the martial arts of the Adelmar family, she definitely could not beat Adam. But what is the grudge between Oscar and the Adelmar family? Is it a deep-seated hatred full of enmity?