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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 403

"Emma," Abel asked, "Why Grandad and Adam have set up a trap for you?" Emmeline answered honestly, "Adam said I am from the Adelmar Clan, and Grandad also suspects it. But what is the Adelmar Clan? "Adelmar Clan?" Abel frowned. "I have never heard of it. " "Ask your uncle later," Emmeline said. "He should know Grandad's grudges with the Adelmar Clan, right?" "Okay," Abel nodded, "I will ask him later. " He hugged Emmeline tightly and kissed her cheek, "I'm relieved you're okay. " "Did they persuade you to return?" Emmeline looked up at him in his embrace. "Yes. " Abel pecked her cheek, "When have I ever lied to you?" "Boom, boom!" Two muffled claps of thunder rolled in the sky. Emmeline did not notice, but Abel was anxious. It turns out that lies really should not be told. Fortunately, it was just a white lie earlier. They returned to the Ryker residence with their children. Lewis and Rosaline had already arrived. Julianna also came from the hospital. Adrien and Landen picked her up. Upon seeing the Abel family, Rosaline hurriedly went up to greet them. "Oh my, my great-grandson, I miss you so much. " "I also miss you," Lewis quickly came over and hugged two grandchildren each

They did not want Lewis and his wife to look down on them. But their two sons were not capable. They could only sulk

. However, Adrien spoke up and surprised everyone, "Grandad, I have found a TV station and started producing a matchmaking program. Your second granddaughter-in-law will appear soon. If you have a daughter-in-law, how do you not have a great-grandson?" "Don't worry, Grandad. Once I find a granddaughter-in-law for you, we will have children as soon as possible. Let's have quadruplets, no, sextuplets! With four great-grandsons and six great-granddaughters, you will have ten great-grandsons at once!" Adrien's words successfully brought him a strong presence. Everyone in the hall looked at him, even the bodyguards and maids. "Adrien, are you making a matchmaking program?" Abel could not help but gossip. He is the last man who needs to go to a matchmaking program. As long as he nods, plenty of women will want to climb onto his bed and have babies with him. "Adrien, are you serious?" Adam also asked. Adrien always made people worry. He did not want to follow behind him and clean up his mess. "Yes," Adrien replied, "I want to find a wife in the matchmaking program, and I'm serious about it. " Abel nodded. Adam said angrily, "Adrien, what trouble have you caused again? Don't make things difficult for me!"