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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 404

"I won't cause trouble for you this time," Adrien said. "I'm looking for a woman like Emma who can accompany me in life and have children with me. Is my idea too realistic? Adam, you have to support me. " Adam was surprised. Adrien's idea was unique. Emmeline was also speechless, staring at Adrien. Why am I involved in this? "Adrien told me about his idea, and I think it's feasible," Julianna said. Oscar said, "There are so many noble ladies in Struyria. Just pick one. Why do you need a matchmaking program?" "Grandad," said Adrien, "I want to take responsibility for my marriage. I don't want to marry those so-called daughters of prestigious families. Most of them are just like Alana, gold and jade on the outside, rot and decay on the inside, which has caused trouble for Abel's family. " Oscar did not say anything. Alana was also a daughter of a prestigious family in Struyria, but her despicable behavior was chilling. "So, what are your requirements for this matchmaking?" Oscar said, "You must have a goal. " "Of course, I have a goal," Adrien looked at Emmeline, "I'll just find someone like Emma. " Everyone's gaze fell on Emmeline again. Emmeline's face turned red in an instant. "It's not my business," she hurriedly explained, "I have nothing to do with his matchmaking!" Abel hugged her thin shoulders and smiled, "If Adrien sees you as a role model, it means you are excellent. What are you afraid of?" Emmeline hid in his arms and whispered, "Why must he make me a standard? He could choose someone else!" "That's because I think highly of you," Adrien explained, "So, I make you a benchmark

" "Hmm, go ahead. " To quickly increase the number of great-grandsons, Oscar was very supportive of Adrien. "I want to arrange the matchmaking event at the residence

. " "Here?" Oscar said, "It'll be noisy. How can I stand it?" Adrien said, "The surroundings of the residence are good. I want to use its good luck. " Oscar thought about it. For the sake of his great-grandson, he was willing to go along with it. "Okay, let's do it. I will also join in the fun for a couple of days. " "Thanks, Grandad!" Adrien quickly bowed to Oscar. Then he said to Abel and Emmeline, "Abel, Emmeline, you must come then, and you have to help me keep an eye on the girls. " Abel and Emmeline looked at each other. Did they still have a mission? Abel immediately nodded and promised, "Okay, Adrien, I'm with you. " Emmeline followed him, " I'm also with you. " "What about you, Adam?" Adrien turned to Adam. Adam pinched his beard and said awkwardly, "Everyone else has supported you. How can I hesitate?" "Thank you, Adam," Adrien was pleased. He thought that marrying a wife as gentle, beautiful, and good-natured as Emmeline was not just a dream, and it would soon come true. After achieving his dream, he worked hard with his beloved wife to have many children!