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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 405

A sumptuous meal was prepared in the kitchen for a large family of over ten gathered around Oscar to have lunch. Oscar was thrilled. Landen and Lewis were drinking with Oscar. After three rounds of drinks, Oscar spoke again. "Abel, have you and Emmeline set a wedding date?" "We have already set it," Abel said, "I was just about to report to you. " "What day is it?" Oscar asked, "So I can be prepared. " "Dad," Rosaline said, "I asked Mr. Ywain to check the almanac, and he set it for the 29th of next month. " "Mr. Ywain set the date?" Oscar said, "That should be work!" "I know you trust Mr. Ywain the most," Rosaline said, "and I trust him too. " "Okay, then the 29th of next month," Oscar said, "That's still a month away. " "Yes," Rosaline said, "It's not too urgent nor too slow. " "Will the wedding be held at Macsen Villa or the residence?" Oscar asked. "We've chosen the Macsen Villa," Abel said, "Emma likes it there. " "That's fine," Oscar said, "There are mountains and seas there, and guests can have some fun. " "The only problem is that it's too far from the city," Lewis said, "And it's inconvenient for guests to come and go. " "Those are not problems. " Oscar said, "The guests invited by us all have cars

" "That's an entertainment venue. It's okay to go and have fun," Oscar said, "Just don't have any business dealings with the Imperial Palace!" "Yes, Grandad, I will keep it in mind," Adam nodded. But he was furious

. You give Abel the Ryker Group. Why can't I run the Imperial Palace? You cannot be so ruthless toward me. Adam clenched his fist in anger, causing the glass to shake and spill some of the drink. Abel glanced at him. He could sense the resentment from Adam, and it seemed to be getting deeper. This was not a good sign. After finishing the meal, everyone went back to their houses. Adam used the excuse of going to the Avalan Mansion but turned to the Imperial Palace. Alana had just finished the infusion drip and was about to remove the needle when she heard Adam's footsteps approaching. Alana changed her clothes, sprayed perfume, and elegantly went to the twenty-ninth floor. Adam had just decanted half a glass of red wine and was shaking it in his hand to sober up when his bodyguard knocked on the door and said, "Mr. Adam, Ms. Alana is here. "