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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 407

"At the Ryker's residence," Adam said, "I will take the opportunity to take down Abel!" "Then…" Alana was lying on Adam's knee, her little hand tracing up his thigh. She coquettishly said, "Mr. Adam, can I go with you that day?" "You?" Adam snorted coldly, "Do you have a death wish?" "I can disguise myself," Alana said. "Abel and Emmeline won't recognize me. " Adam did not care about her life. But since this woman hated Abel so much, he might be able to use her. "All right," Adam nodded, "Once Adrien tells me when the event is, I'll take you with me. " "Thank you, Mr. Adam. " Alana's little hand reached into Adam's crotch and said, "Why don't I take good care of you? I'm a mature woman with great skills. I guarantee that you will enjoy yourself. " Her touch turned on Adam. He lifted her slender waist and carried her into the bedroom. Leaving Ryker's residence, Abel and Emmeline took the children to Levan Mansion. Emmeline and Rosaline carried the children upstairs for a nap. Abel stayed in the hall and talked with Lewis. "Dad," Abel said, "Grandad and Adam mentioned the Adelmar Clan. Have you heard of it?" "Adelmar Clan?" Lewis frowned. "You mean the Adelmar family?" "The Adelmar family?" Abel said, "I haven't heard of them

I'll ask the driver to pick her up. " "Okay. " Emmeline nodded with a gentle expression

. "You and Abel come over for dinner tomorrow, and I won't call you again," Rosaline said. "Okay, Auntie," Emmeline sweetly replied. "Stop being polite with me," Rosaline patted her small hand, "Next month, you will marry Abel. After the ceremony, you will have to call me Mom. " Emmeline blushed and nodded. "You are so good," Rosaline smiled. "I am starting to like you more and more. " "I thank you on behalf of Emma," Abel hugged Emmeline's shoulders, "You two get along well, and I am happy to see it. " "That's right," Rosaline said. "If it were Alana, my heart would be uneasy. " "If Alana did not hold Timmy and claim him as her own for more than four years, your mom wouldn't let her in the house," Lewis added. Lewis said, "Even I feel uncomfortable around that woman, let alone your mom. " "It appears that she was a fraud," Rosaline sneered. "Fake cannot be true. True cannot be fake. "