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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 408

"Let's not talk about her anymore," Abel said, "Tomorrow, Emma and I will come over for dinner. We'll head back now. " "Okay," Lewis nodded, "Work is important, so let's go back quickly. " Leaving Levan Mansion, Abel told Emmeline about the Adelmar Clan. "It's a pity that even Dad doesn't know the grudge between Grandad and the Adelmar Clan," He said. "Well, it's none of my business anyway," Emmeline said. "Even if it is your business, and even if you are the head of the clan, I wouldn't care," Abel nodded. Emmeline looked at him. "You are my little girl, the mother of my child. That's enough!" These words made Emmeline feel warm inside. She was worried that being a disciple of Robert would make Abel angry with her, but it seemed like there was nothing to worry about. Besides, she was Robert Adelmar's disciple, so what? She did not steal, did not rob, and did not break the law. Abel hugged Emmeline and rubbed her smooth hair, smiling indulgently. "I'll go to Nightfall Cafe," Emmeline said. "You can pick me up after work. " "Or we can just stay in Nightfall Cafe," Abel kissed her hair, "Just two of us. " Emmeline blushed. "Hmm," she shyly responded

This girl is being secretive. What is she looking at outside? Meanwhile, Luca felt disappointed. He passed by the door of the Nightfall Cafe but could not go in to see Sam

. Abel is typical double standards by forbidding others to do what he is doing himself. Luca felt bitter, but unfortunately, Abel did not know about it. Upon hearing Emmeline's voice, Janie turned around. Emmeline took a glance and wondered, "What happened to this girl? Why are her eyes red? Did she cry?" "Janie?" Emmeline sat down beside her and asked, "What happened? Who bullied you?" As soon as she said that, Emmeline immediately answered herself, "It must be Benjamin, right? Otherwise, who could make you cry?" "It's not Benjamin's fault," Janie sniffled, "I asked him to do anything, and now he's not doing it. I've accepted it. " "What do you mean by doing anything? What does he not want to do?" Emmeline asked, "Anyway, Benjamin bullied you, right?" Janie nodded with tears, saying, "He just doesn't want to date me or spend time alone with me. " "He can't bully you just because he doesn't want to be in a relationship with you?" Emmeline pouted, "Wait and see. I'll teach him a lesson!" Janie widened her beautiful eyes. Who would dare teach a lesson to the arrogant CEO? Just as she was confused, Emmeline took out her phone and dialed Benjamin's number. He answered immediately, and his surprised voice came through the phone, "Emma, you're back?" "Yeah," Emmeline said, "I'm giving you a time limit to come in front of me as fast as possible. " "That's not fair, Emma," Benjamin said, not falling for it. "You're not that eager to see me. " "I'm asking you, can you come immediately?"