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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 410

"It's not difficult," Benjamin said, "This is the only way I can miss you. If you take this away from me, that's when it will be difficult. " "Benjamin," Emmeline says hesitantly, "Can you find a girlfriend? It would make me feel better. " "Emma," Benjamin said in a deep voice, "I will do anything for you except for this one thing. I cannot promise you that. " "I just don't want you to waste your time on me," Emmeline said, lowering her head. "It's not fair to you. " "Give me time," Benjamin squatted in front of Emmeline, his starry eyes fixed on her. "I will slowly let go of you. You know that I am not an ambivalent man. " Emmeline nodded. She believed in Benjamin. Benjamin was indifferent and aloof. But he could move on as long as he said he needed time. But this time, Emmeline overestimated Benjamin. "Can you be friends with Janie?" Emmeline looked at Benjamin gently, "Don't make her cry. After all, she is a girl. " "She's not that fragile," Benjamin smiled, "She's the head of the secretary department. It's not a big deal. " "But still," Emmeline pouted, "Why don't you invite her to dinner? Just as friends?" Benjamin frowned

If he had known this earlier, he would not have left there. "Let's go eat hot pot," He said with a hint of melancholy, pressing Emmeline's nose. "I'll call Abel and let him know," Emmeline said, taking out her phone

. "What about four kids? Don't you bring them with you?" Benjamin asked. "Their granny is taking care of them," Emmeline smiled. "So don't worry. " "That's good to hear," Benjamin nodded. Benjamin watched Helios, Endymion, and Hesperus grow up, so he was happy as long as the children were doing well. Emmeline quickly dialed Abel's number, and he answered the phone soon after. "My dear, are you already missing me?" "Don't be cheesy," Emmeline smiled, "I'm just giving you a heads up. " "What is it?" Abel said, "I'm listening, my babe. " "We're going out for dinner tonight. " Emmeline said, "And Benjamin and Janie will be joining us. " "Okay," Abel agreed happily, "Let Benjamin bring his driver, and we'll have a few drinks. " "Sure," Emmeline said, "I'll let him know. He's right next to me. " Abel paused momentarily and asked, "Is Benjamin trying to steal my wife?" "What are you talking about?" Emmeline pouted, "Do you not trust me or Benjamin?" "I trust both of you," Abel said, "I was just joking. " "I know you're not that jealous," Emmeline smiled, "I'll wait for you. " "Give me a kiss," Abel said on the other end, "Or I won't hang up. "