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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 411

Emmeline glanced at Benjamin, who was still beside her. But Benjamin had already heard Abel's voice on the phone. This man was claiming her as his lover. Benjamin took a step towards the stairs. Emmeline quickly kissed him over the phone. On the other end, Abel also gave a kiss. Although Benjamin had already walked several steps, he could still hear the sweet kissing sound. His heart was suddenly pierced with pain. The girl he had protected for several years was now happy and content. Thinking about it, he was pretty happy too. When Abel came over, it had already been over an hour. He and Luca entered through the glass door, one after the other. Sam was busy behind the console. Her face turned red quietly when she was them coming. She did not have any work to do. She was tidying up here and there. Pick it up, put it down, and pick it up again. Emmeline looked around and saw Luca deliberately turning his head and looking outside the window unnaturally. Emmeline smiled slightly. Janie washed her face upstairs and put on Emmeline's skincare products. Her little face was pink and watery

Luca was taken aback. Is she looking down on me? Emmeline could read Luca's mind. "Everyone has left, and Sam is feeling bored alone

. Can you stay and be with her and help her close the door?" Luca immediately widened his eyes. Is she doing this on purpose? Can she see through my thoughts? Oh my gosh, this is so embarrassing! Sam's face also turned red, and she said shyly, "Emma, I don't need anyone else. I can manage on my own. " "Before, when I wasn't home, Daisy could keep you company," Emmeline said. "But now that you're alone, I feel bad about it. " "But there's no need to ask Luca to stay," Sam said, lowering her head and speaking softly. "Really?" Emmeline raised her voice and asked. Sam quickly glanced at Luca and then lowered her head without saying a word. "I give the orders here," Emmeline deliberately put on a stern face, "That's settled then. With more than a dozen bodyguards from two families, we won't miss Luca. " Abel seemed to understand Emmeline's intentions. He said to Luca, "You just listen to Emma. Stay with Sam here. " His boss had given an order, and Luca naturally dared not say anything. "Okay, Mr. Abel. I'll do it," Luca replied. Sam's face turned red