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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 412

It took them forty minutes to get to Fifteen Avery Park during rush hour traffic. The waiter led them to the reserved table. The four of them sat down, and the waiter served the dishes. A beautiful wedding dress advertisement was playing on the display screen on the opposite wall. Janie asked Emmeline, "Have you booked your wedding dress yet?" "I'm planning to go in two days," Emmeline replied. "Do you like the brand from Faulkay?" Janie asked. "I know a designer specializing in designing wedding dresses for a popular brand in Faulkay. His works have won awards in Remdik for two consecutive years. " "Then please introduce her to me," Emmeline said. "I'll ask her to design my wedding dress, so I don't have to worry about it. " "Okay," Janie said. "Although time is a bit short, it's completely doable. I'll make an appointment with her tomorrow. " "Great," Emmeline nodded happily. "Thank you in advance, Janie. " "Never mind," Janie smiled. "On your wedding day, let me be your bridesmaid

Abel took care of Emmeline, while Benjamin took care of Janie. Although Janie was not his girlfriend, he still had to be a gentleman. After serving Emmeline some lamb, Abel raised his glass and said, "Benjamin, let's have a drink

. " Benjamin raised his glass and said, "Sure, let's drink. " Emmeline and Janie were drinking juice but raised their glasses to join them. Abel and Benjamin each took a big gulp of the strong liquor in their glasses. Suddenly, a shot on the screen caught Emmeline's eye during the rotation of advertisements. "Adrien?" A handsome and dashing Adrien appeared on the screen, causing everyone's attention to turn to the display. Her exclamation made everyone's eyes focus on the white-suited Adrien. Then, music started playing, and a female voiceover recited the advertisement's romantic lines. In front of them was an advertisement for Adrien's marriage-seeking. "Abel," Emmeline said, "Is Adrien serious about getting a wife on TV?" Abel replied, "I think he is joking, but now it seems he's serious. " All four of them put down their chopsticks and looked at the advertisement. Suddenly, the camera turned to a photo of Emmeline, startling all four of them. Emmeline was startled, "Why is there a photo of me?"