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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 413

Abel frowned, “What the heck was Adrien thinking?” Upon closer inspection, it seemed that the commercial was only using Emmeline as a benchmark. The marriage candidate in the ad was required to resemble Emmeline, and the more similar, the better. Benjamin was feeling a little awkward as well, and said, “Abel, isn’t this a little inappropriate? He’s not respecting Emma at all. ” Abel’s expression darkened as he said, “How absurd! I’ll tell him right away to remove those shots. Who does he think Emma is?” Emmeline voiced out, “Hold on. I don’t think Adrien meant any harm. These angles aren’t disrespectful to me either. Let’s not give him a call for now. ” Abel said, “What are you afraid of, Emma? You don’t have to feel sorry for Adrien. You don’t owe him anything. He’s the one who’s taking advantage of your privacy by publicly advertising your photos. ” Emmeline frowned and murmured, “I know, but Adrien had just put himself back on the right path. As the saying goes, a prodigal son is worth his weight in gold. Let’s not give him a hard time. ” After some thought, Abel agreed with the notion. However, he was still very angry. Adrien was always rash with his methods. Would it kill him to let Emmeline know beforehand? Swinging Abel’s hand back and forth, Emmeline said, “It’s okay. Don’t be mad. Think of this as helping Adrien find a girlfriend. The sooner he does, the better I feel too

Since he couldn’t really covet his brother’s wife, Adrien wanted to find someone who bore her resemblance instead. The more they looked alike, the better. Evelyn smiled as she suddenly remembered her long-lost, slightly younger sister Lizbeth

. It was Lizbeth’s sudden appearance that had threatened her position as the lady of the Murphy family. After all, Lizbeth was the true lady of the Murphy family, whereas Evelyn was just an infant her mother had mistakenly taken. Evelyn didn’t like Lizbeth. Like a thorn in her eye, she loathed her entire existence. However, when she tried to sell Lizbeth into the Imperial Palace previously, Abel saved her. After that, Lizbeth went with Flynn to Struyria to thank Abel personally. When they returned, Lizbeth told Evelyn that Abel was still single, and that the woman he loved already had a child with another man. There were even talks of an arranged marriage between Evelyn and Abel at the time. When she heard this, Evelyn thought that she had an opportunity, so she went all the way to Struyria to seek out Abel personally. Little did she expect to find that he already had a wife and kids. Looking at Adrien’s search ad for a marriage candidate now, Evelyn suddenly thought of something. Smiling, she got up and walked over to the room next door, where Lizbeth was in the middle of a lesson with her home tutor. Having lived her whole life in the boondocks, she desperately needed to catch up in regards to her education. Evelyn knocked on the door, “Liz, you there?” Lizbeth opened the door, and said, “Evelyn?” “Ok, we’ll stop the lesson here for today. You can go home,” Evelyn told the tutor. Eager to get off early, the tutor quickly bade them goodbye. Lizbeth asked, “Is something wrong, Evelyn? Why did you send my tutor home?”