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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 414

Evelyn dismissively waved her hand and said, “You’re a big girl. Studying isn’t important. ” Lizbeth asked, “Then what is?” Evelyn replied, “Finding yourself a good man, of course. ” Lizbeth fell quiet. The man she liked was Abel Ryker, and so did her sister. Moreover, Evelyn told her that Abel already had a wife and kids. It was true. Abel’s wife was none other than Emmeline Louise. She was her comrade back when they were trapped in the Imperial Palace. Pouting with her dainty lips, Lizbeth said, “There is no man that I like right now. Abel already has a wife. Not to mention, his children are already 4 years old. I’m not interested in anybody else. ” Taking out her phone and showing Lizbeth the search ad, Evelyn said, “Well, how about this man then? I think you’ll quite like him. ” Lizbeth looked at Adrien and asked, “Him? Who is he? He looks a bit like Abel. ” Evelyn replied, “He’s Abel’s older cousin, Adrien, and he’s looking for a marriage partner. Not to mention, he’s looking for someone who bears a resemblance to Emmeline. Aren’t you the perfect fit then?” Lizbeth asked, “Me? How?” Evelyn said, “Yeah, you totally look alike with Emmeline. Besides, isn’t this the perfect opportunity for you to marry into the Ryker family and be the mistress of a prestigious family?” Lizbeth shook her head, “But I don’t like Abel’s cousin. I like Abel. ” Evelyn responded, “Just forget about Abel

Benjamin narrowed his eyes in a drunken stupor and said, “Emma, after this, I’ll get your dowry ready and send you off with a bang. ” Abel joked in an inebriated manner, “I’m the one who’s marrying her with a bang. Aren’t you envious of me, Benjamin?” Putting his hands over Abel’s shoulder, Benjamin replied, “Of course I am! That’s why you absolutely have to protect Emma and keep her safe from any sort of harm

. ” Abel said, “Of course. Emma is my wife. I’ll guard her with my life!” Benjamin responded, “Then that puts me at ease. Otherwise, I’ll take her back from you before you know it. ” “You wouldn’t!” “You want to test me on that?” Emmeline separated the two of them and said, “Okay break it up! You two have drunk too much. It’s giving me goosebumps to watch two grown men hugging it out so publicly!” Benjamin laughed, “Abel and I are two feathers of a flock. ” Abel giggled, “No, it’s two flocks of a feather. ” Emmeline was feeling a headache coming as she wondered why she had let them drink so much in the first place. Grabbing on to Benjamin’s arm, Janie said, “Mr. Benjamin, let me take you home. Just look at you. You can barely walk straight. ” Benjamin responded, “I can still drink with Abel. We can go three more rounds, no problem!” With his face flushed red and his eyes barely open, Abel asked, “Should we continue then?” Clearly displeased, Emmeline chimed in, “Oh no you don’t. Any more and the two of you will be sleeping on the table. ” Abel said, “Alright, guess that plan’s a bust. I don’t want to upset my sweet Emma. ” Benjamin agreed, “Me neither