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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 415

The two men each called their own cab and left Fifteen Avery Park. Janie accompanied Benjamin to Glenbrook. Abel and Emmeline returned to Nightfall Cafe. Luca had just helped Sam clean up and was about to close the shop when Emmeline carried Abel over from across the street. They were followed by several bodyguards. Luca quickly rushed out the glass door and asked, “Ms. Louise, is Mr. Abel alright?” Emmeline replied, “He drank too much, but nothing serious. ” Luca responded, “Let me take him upstairs then. ” Pushing Luca away, Abel said, “I don’t want you to carry me. I only want Emma. You and the bodyguards can go away. ” Luca sheepishly retracted his hand. The other bodyguards were also looking on helplessly. Fortunately, Emmeline was able to carry Abel’s giant body up to the second floor. She tossed him on the bed and took off his shoes. Abel pulled on his clothes and said, “Emma, it’s hot. I want to take a shower. ” Emmeline helped him unbutton his shirt and said, “Then let me start the bath. You’ll feel better after a good soak. ” However, before she could even get up, Abel had her in his grip, then pulled her into his embrace. He said, “I think I feel better hugging you. ” Emmeline pushed him away shyly, “Abel, you’ve drunk too much

You’ll catch a cold. ” However, the water continued to run on the inside. It seemed like Abel was enjoying himself

. Emmeline opened the bathroom door and yelled, “Did you hear me?!” Just then, right in front of her eyes was a massive creature standing firmly upright. “Ahh!” She screamed as she quickly backed away and leapt onto the bed, covering herself under the blanket. Abel, he’s so big! Not long after, Abel came out of the shower, wrapped in a towel. There were beads of water still dripping from his hair. His toned physique presented a tantalizing sight for the eyes. Emmeline peeked from the edge of the blanket. There was a towel around his waist, and the massive creature was nowhere to be seen. She sighed in relief. Abel playfully teased, “What are you afraid of? It’s not like you’ve never used it before. ” Emmeline’s face instantly flushed, “. Abel, you animal!” Acting as if he was about to take the towel off, Abel responded, “An animal, am I? Maybe I should start behaving like one then!” “Ahh!” Emmeline screamed as she immediately pulled the blanket over herself. However, Abel simply lay over the blanket. Hugging the lady underneath it, he said, “I’m fine now. Do you want me to make you some warm tea?” Emmeline mumbled, “I think I should make you a bowl of hot soup instead. I’m afraid you’ll get a migraine later at night. ” Abel agreed, “Yeah, my head is a little foggy right now. ” Emmeline removed the blanket and got up. “Just wait for a while,” she said as she headed towards the kitchen. Suddenly, Abel’s strong hands grabbed her by the waist and pulled her in, placing her above his thigh. He gently pecked Emmeline on the lips and said, “Thanks, babe