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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 416

Chapter 416 Emmeline and Benjamin’s Relationship With flushed cheeks, Emmeline pushed Abel away and rushed into the kitchen. Just when she entered the kitchen, she noticed Abel following behind. He held her by the waist and hugged her from behind. Emmeline teased, “What a clingy boy you are. Since when did the Hellish Asura become so needy?” “I’m only clingy for you, and I don’t want you to leave my side for even a single second. ” Abel said as he leaned forward and pressed his chin on Emmeline’s shoulder. Emmeline felt a little ticklish and the urge to laugh, but her heart was also feeling very warm. Once the soup was done, Emmeline watched as Abel finished it. Abel then cleaned his own bowl and washed his hands. After which, he lifted Emmeline up by the waist. Hugging him, Emmeline said, “I still need to take a shower. You can go to bed. ” “Let me help you shower. I can’t sleep if you’re not around. ” Abel said as he carried her to the bathroom. Emmeline rejected the idea, “Not a chance. I don’t want you to take another cold shower. You’ll catch a cold. ” Abel placed her down and pinched her nose, “I can control myself. Don’t underestimate your husband. ” He undressed Emmeline, turned on the shower and adjusted the temperature. Emmeline simply watched him by the side. Seeing her petite body enveloped in the steamy shower, Abel recalled the sight from five years ago. His body couldn’t help getting excited. However, he was still able to control himself. (adsbygoogle=window. adsbygoogleII[]). push({}); After he gently helped Emmeline with her shower, he wrapped her in a towel and carried her over to the couch

” The nanny answered, “It’s the first room on the second floor. ” Closely examining Janie, she added, “It’s the first time Mr. Benjamin has allowed another woman to enter the premises

. ” Puzzled, Janie asked, “Another? Who else is there?” “Why, Ms. Louise of course. ” “As in Emmeline Louise?” “Yes, only Ms. Louise and no one else. ” Janie frowned slightly. It seemed like Emmeline and Benjamin were much closer than she thought. But what exactly was their relationship? Janie didn’t dare to ask the nanny such a forward question in front of Benjamin. The nanny said, “I’ll go make some soup. Miss, can I trouble you to escort Mr. Benjamin to his room?” “Yes, absolutely. Please go ahead and make your soup. ” It was Janie’s first time here, so she spoke formally and didn’t want to offend the nanny. She got up to the second floor and entered the first room. It was a bedroom that had its own living room built in. The design had a foreign touch to it, its interior being both modern and lavish. However, there was a sense of emptiness in the room that was almost chilling. It was no wonder Benjamin would sometimes have a lonely expression on his face. It would be weirder if he didn’t feel alone staying in a room like this. Janie carried Benjamin through the living room and into the bedroom. Inside was a large, white mattress. Janie carried Benjamin over. Suddenly, Benjamin toppled over, taking Janie with him as he collapsed on the bed. Hugging her, Benjamin said, “Emma, I truly wish for you and Abel to be happy. But why is it that my heart hurts so much?”