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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 417

Chapter 417 Rolling Under the Sheets Janie was at a loss for words as she thought, He thinks I’m Emmeline? “Emma, do you know how I feel…” Janie could see tears streaming down the corner of Benjamin’s eyes. She felt her heart fluttering, but also equally bitter. This was the first time Benjamin was holding her in his embrace like this, so she was nervous. However, he thought of her as Emmeline. That was why she felt bitter. Being in Benjamin’s embrace was such a captivating feeling. Janie felt as though she was surrounded by warmth. For a moment, she found herself craving his embrace desperately, not wanting to get up. However, the deep longing he had for Emmeline was painful for her. “Mr. Benjamin, you’ve drunk too much…” “Emma, was I wrong? Should I have held you close…” “I thought that we could be together forever. I didn’t think you would fall in love with the children’s father at first sight. Abel, he’s such a lucky man…” “Emma, I wish we could go back to Reykjavik, to Adelmar Island. I can be by your side, taking care of you and the kids, with nothing to worry about…” “Emma, why don’t we just let someone else manage the Adelmar Group? The two of us can just go back to those days, okay…?” As Benjamin mumbled in his drunken stupor, Janie felt her body getting colder the more she listened on. (adsbygoogle=window. adsbygoogleII[]). push({}); Was Benjamin’s love for Emmeline actually this deep? He also mentioned Reykjavik and Adelmar Island? The two of them had come from there? Did this mean the two of them had been living together before this? Janie felt a chill run down her spine

She simply placed the soup by the door and went back downstairs. The next morning, Benjamin opened his eyes. He had drank too much alcohol the night before and not enough water, so he was feeling dehydrated

. There was also a dull pain in his head, but just when he wanted to massage his temples, he realized his hand was stuck. Benjamin then realized that there was a soft figure in his embrace. She was using his arm as a pillow. “Ahh!” Benjamin screamed in horror. Who is this? Why is she sleeping in my arms? He quickly pulled his arm out, sweeping the woman off. Janie! At that moment, Janie also woke up. Benjamin said nervously, “W-why are you here? H-how did we end up sleeping together?” Janie blushed, her eyes slightly drooping as she said, “You drank too much last night. I couldn’t fight you back, so you… did this…” “How could this happen?!” Benjamin leapt off the bed and noticed that he wasn’t wearing any clothes. He then jumped back just as quickly and covered himself with the blanket. Janie spoke in a stutter, “Mr. Benjamin, I… Last night, you… W-we…” She nodded her head in embarrassment. Benjamin suddenly yelled, “Get out! Get out right now!” Janie started tearing up, “Mr. Benjamin… how could you?”