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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 418

Chapter 418 He Regarded Her as Emmeline "Get out! Do you hear me?!" Benjamin shouted. Janie was taken aback. She did not expect Benjamin to have such a big reaction. It was as if he was not the one who took away her first time. Moreover, it seemed like Benjamin regretted it. "Benjamin, weren't you saving your first time for Emmeline? Are you regretting it now?" Janie said angrily Benjamin stayed silent. "Why didn't you complain when you touched me all over last night? If it wasn't for you saying that you love and want me, I wouldn't have allowed you to do all that!" Janie knew she was lying, but she did not know how else to react. She knew that Benjamin had regarded her as Emmeline from the very beginning. She willingly accepted it because she had longed for this man and did not care who he took her as. However, she knew she had become his woman, so this might be the only chance for her to get a hold of this man. Janie lifted the blanket, exposing their bodies. "You're crazy! What are you doing?!" Benjamin used a pillow to cover his body and said with bloodshot eyes. "Yes, I'm crazy! See what's there on the bed!" Janie said with teary eyes. Benjamin lowered his head and saw some blood on the bed sheets. (adsbygoogle=window. adsbygoogleII[]). push({});"Damn it!" He held his forehead, looking troubled. "I know you love Emmeline, but I don't mind because I love you. I'm willing to stay by your side even if I'm to only be Emmeline's shadow. " "You don't deserve it!" Benjamin said through gritted teeth

"Alright, I'll send you off," the nanny replied. "Nanny, what's Emmeline and Mr. Benjamin's relationship?" Janie stopped and asked

. "Well… I really don't know, but they seem to be close. " The nanny shook her head. "They're not a couple?" "Of course not. " "I see. " Janie looked toward the bedroom and said, "Ask Mr. Benjamin what he wants to eat and make him breakfast. " "Alright, Ms. Eastwood. " As Janie walked down the stairs, she already thought that she was the lady of the house. Emmeline slowly woke up and saw that Abel was not by her side. However, she remembered that he had been hugging her the whole night. As she got up and opened the bedroom door, she heard Abel humming in the kitchen. Abel was actually humming while cooking? It seemed like he was in a good mood even though he slept in hunger last night. Emmeline smiled as she quietly went to the kitchen and hugged him from behind. "Good morning, Hubby. " "How sweet. You're already calling me 'Hubby'?" Abel put down the spoon in his hand and turned around to hug her