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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 420

Chapter 420 Bridal Store Encounter "Yep, I don't have anything else to do today," Emmeline replied. "Where should I meet you? I'll accompany you there," Janie said. "I'm at Nightfall Cafe, so why don't you come over?" Emmeline asked. "Sure," Janie agreed happily. She was really grateful to Emmeline. No matter why Benjamin wanted her, at least it broke through their previous deadlock. She trusted Benjamin's words that he would take responsibility for her. This meant this man would be hers from now on, right? Janie gradually became happier. After putting down her phone, Emmeline said to Abel, "Janie is going to accompany me to order a wedding dress. " "Mmhm, I was planning to accompany you originally," Abel said. "You should go handle the Ryker Group. Janie and I will be fine. Besides, we can even chit-chat and go shopping together. " "Ask Luca to follow you," Abel said. Luca immediately pushed away his plate and stood up. "Yes, Mr. Abel!" (adsbygoogle=window. adsbygoogleII[]). push({}); "There's no need. Why are you so worried about me? It's not like I can't go out alone. " Abel then remembered that his Wifey was very skilled. "Why haven't you used the card I gave you last time? You can buy whatever you like

" "Ms. Louise of the Ryker family? This means that you're Mr. Abel's wife, right?" the attendant asked in surprise

. "Yes," Janie admitted it for Emmeline, feeling a little proud too. "Janie, there's no need to tell her," Emmeline whispered. "When you get married, the whole country will know. You can't hide it no matter what. " Janie laughed. Seeing the envious eyes of two customers there, Emmeline said, "Let's go upstairs. " As they walked up the stairs, someone cast a look behind them. "Is that Ms. Louise of the Ryker family?" Evelyn asked the attendant. "Ms. Louise? Evelyn, did you see Emmeline?" Lizbeth, who was by Evelyn's side, asked. "Mmhm, she went upstairs just as we stepped in," Evelyn replied. "Yes, Miss. It's Ms. Louise of the Ryker family. I heard that she'll be getting married soon. " "They're not married yet? Their children are already 4 years old!" "Evelyn, is Abel not married yet? Then, my marriage…" Lizbeth pouted. "Didn't you hear that they're getting married? How can you still think about that?" Evelyn rolled her eyes