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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 421

Chapter 421 Pretending to be Emmeline’s Friend Lizbeth pouted. What Evelyn said was true. Even if Abel did not get married, she would not have a chance. Abel and Emmeline were getting married soon, and they had four children. It was better for Lizbeth to choose a dress to attend Adrien's party. If she were to be chosen by Adrien, she might be able to see Abel more often in the future. Moreover, she would become a wife in one of Struyria's wealthiest families, and not have to stay with the Murphy family anymore. Although she was a biological daughter of the Murphy family, Paul, and his wife did not like her. Even her sister would be two-faced when dealing with her. She would rather find a suitable husband and get married soon. "You can try out the wedding dresses here. I'll go upstairs to take a look," Evelyn said to Lizbeth. "Evelyn, are you going to Emmeline?" Lizbeth asked. "What about it? She knows you, but she doesn't know me. " Evelyn sneered. "You and Emmeline have nothing against each other, so you shouldn't disturb her," Lizbeth said. "Don't worry. I know that you two are good friends. I'm curious about her, so I want to talk to her a little. " Evelyn smiled. "Mmhm. " Only then did Lizbeth nod. There were several designer studios upstairs. The top designer, the boss of the store, had his studio on the top floor. (adsbygoogle=window. adsbygoogleII[]). push({});After confirming where the boss' studio was, Evelyn went to the top floor. "Miss, do you have an appointment?" A red-haired attendant stopped her. "I'll make one now

"But we don't know you!" Janie said with a cold expression. "Janie, Ms. Louise, if you don't want to see her, I can send her out," said the male designer

. "Forget it. Everyone who enters the store is a customer. Janie and I are fine with it," Emmeline replied. What Emmeline said was true. Evelyn was also a customer, so she could not stop them from letting her in. "Ms. Louise is so open-minded. No wonder Mr. Abel likes you," Evelyn praised. "Ms. Evelyn, are you close with my husband?" Emmeline frowned slightly. "Our families have always been in contact, so we have known each other since we were little," Evelyn said with a smile. If Abel was here, he would probably say, "I don't know her. This woman is lying. " "Oh. " Emmeline did not say anything else. Janie also suppressed her anger. Since the Murphy family was a family friend of the Ryker family, she could not offend Evelyn. "Ms. Louise is so nice. I'm happy for Mr. Abel to have a wife like you. It's said that a good woman can bring prosperity to a family for three generations. This saying must be describing a woman like Ms. Louise, right?" Evelyn continued flattering Emmeline