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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 422

Chapter 422 Don’t Tell Emma About This Emmeline could tell Evelyn had no malicious intentions, so she smiled and said, "You're flattering me, Ms. Evelyn. I'm not that outstanding. " "I believe in Mr. Abel's taste. Since he has chosen you, he has definitely made the right choice. " Emmeline was speechless. This woman really knew how to flatter someone. Nonetheless, she did not argue with Evelyn. "By the way, the day after tomorrow is Mr. Adrien's party. Ms. Louise, will you be attending?" Emmeline nodded. "I'm going to support Adrien. " "I'll be going if I have time. See you then?" Evelyn said. "Mmhm, see you then. " Emmeline nodded. "You guys can go on then. I won't bother you anymore. " Evelyn waved at the designer and left with a smile. When she was at the staircase, Evelyn texted, "Help me get some drugs that can cause death, and send it over tomorrow. I'll need to use it the day after tomorrow. " The other party replied, "Roger, Ms. Evelyn. … (adsbygoogle=window. adsbygoogleII[])

"I… I can't talk here," Janie replied. "You didn't come to Adelmar, so where are you?" Benjamin asked. "I'm accompanying Emma to order her wedding dress

. I promised her yesterday, and you know it too," Janie said. Benjamin stayed silent for a moment. Janie could feel that his heart was aching when he heard Emmeline was ordering a wedding dress. "Mmhm, then we'll meet in the evening," Benjamin said. "Wait. " Janie did not let Benjamin hang up the phone. "What is it?" Benjamin said in a deep voice. "I just want to say that I won't force you to take responsibility for me, so…" After some silence, Benjamin replied, "We'll talk about it in the evening. " "Alright. I'll go back once I'm done accompanying Emmeline," Janie said. "Don't tell Emma about this. This is between the two of us," Benjamin said. "I know…" Janie then hung up the phone. Janie originally planned on telling Emmeline and asking for her opinion on handling this. However, since Benjamin did not want her to spread this happening, she would keep it to herself. Maybe he was afraid of embarrassing himself in front of Emmeline. "Who were you talking to? You were being so cautious. Could it be Benjamin?" Emmeline asked after she finished changing. Janie smiled shyly. "It's indeed him. " "What's the matter? Is he forcing you to go back to work?" Janie stayed silent. Seeing that Janie had a bad expression, Emmeline raised an eyebrow and asked, "Do you need me to help you teach him a lesson?"