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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 424

Chapter 424 The Party Started At the Imperial Palace, Alana's hand was wrapped in thick layers of gauze. Hearing that Adam had returned, she went up to the 29th floor. Adam was pouring some red wine for himself. "Mr. Adam, let me do it. " Alana reached out a hand. "Hmph, can you pour wine with only one hand?" Adam sneered. "I can use this hand. It's just that I'm not that used to it," Alana replied. "You can get prosthetics next time. Then it won't be much of an issue," Adam said. "However, the most important thing to me now is revenge. Is there an opportunity now?" Alana looked at him and asked. "The day after tomorrow will be Adrien's party. It'll be crowded, so it's a good opportunity," Adam replied. "How do you plan on dealing with Abel?" Alana asked with cold eyes. (adsbygoogle=window. adsbygoogleII[]). push({}); "You'll know it by then. " Adam picked up the glass of red wine and swirled it, as red wine had to be decanted to taste good. "You've promised to let me attend it, so you can't break your word," Alana said. "Mmhm, I've already thought about it

A lot of them wanted to get together with Adrien. Unfortunately, he also had high standards. He would not like someone who was not pretty or had a bad personality, so these ladies were all waiting for the drama to unfold

. They wanted to see who he would get together with. Oscar wore a suit and held a walking stick, looking happy. The Ryker residence had not been this lively in a while. Star's banquet last time had become a shooting scene, which left a scar on Oscar's heart. This party was a good chance to brighten things up. "Congratulations, Old Mr. Ryker! It seems like you'll have a granddaughter-in-law soon! It's a happy occasion!" Dolores Clark stepped forward to greet Oscar. "Thank you. Your eldest son also got married, right?" Oscar asked. "They've already given me a grandson, and we just held a banquet for that child last month when he turned a month old. " "That's nice!" Oscar nodded. "Once you have a granddaughter-in-law, you'll have a great-grandchild soon! The Ryker family is really lucky!" "Yes, yes!" Oscar smiled happily. At his age, he loved to see his grandchildren have children too. Seeing his family lively and happy was what he wanted the most. Landen, Lewis, and their respective wives had also arrived. The wealthy ladies all surrounded them and chatted with them. The reporters of Struyria were also busy taking pictures or having livestreams