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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 425

Adrien's party became the headlines in Struyria. Everyone was waiting to see what would happen. Which beauty would Adrien get together with? This had become the greatest gossip in Struyria. Reporters also took advantage of this chance to make their news gain popularity. It was said that Adrien's ideal partner was someone as beautiful as Emmeline. This also sparked gossip. Could it be that Adrien was secretly in love with Emmeline? He was too bold. Emmeline's husband, Abel, was like a devil from hell, but Adrien dared to provoke him? Moreover, to be able to gather so many beautiful women who looked similar was also interesting. However, the background of these women had not been revealed yet. Either way, it seemed like there would be lots of drama today. It could even be said that a situation like this was unprecedented. Emmeline was also curious how so many women looked like her at the party, so Abel had brought her over earlier. How similar were they to her? Emmeline could not wait to watch the show. Once everyone had arrived, Adam also arrived

In this period, Alana had worked hard learning seducing and bed techniques. Every time she tried her best, she managed to make Adam feel good. Soon, she became popular in the Imperial Palace, so the bodyguards bowed to her

. Nonetheless, the bodyguards did not dare to get distracted because they had a mission now. The Palace Lord had asked them to kill Abel, so their sharp eyes were all staring at Abel. "Emma, let's go inside," Abel said with his arm around Emmeline's shoulders. As they were talking inside, a woman shouted, "Emma!" Emmeline turned around and saw that Janie was there. "Janie? Don't you have work today? Why are you here?" Emmeline asked when Janie came over. "I resigned, so I'm here to accompany you today," Janie replied. "Resign? You were doing fine in Adelmar, so why did you resign?" Emmeline asked in surprise. Janie lowered her head and stayed silent. "Is it Benjamin? He must have offended you!" Emmeline's face darkened