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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 426

"No, I just want to change jobs. I don't want to work there anymore," Janie explained. "Aren't you lying? Who else can become a Company Secretary at such a young age like you?" Emmeline said. Janie stayed silent. Of course, she did not want to resign, but she did not want to face Benjamin. She did not want him to use money or a loveless marriage to compensate her. It was better for them to not see each other. "Wait, I'll ask Benjamin to apologize to you! He must have offended you!" Emmeline immediately took out her phone. "No, it really has nothing to do with him. " Janie stopped Emmeline as she shook her head with tears in her eyes. "That's impossible. You wouldn't resign if everything's fine!" Emmeline said. "Emma, I beg you, don't call Benjamin. " Janie was going to cry. "Once we're done here, I'll go to Adelmar to visit him personally! Let's see if he still dares to bully you!" "Emmeline, you're here?" As they were arguing, a beautiful figure walked over. Emmeline and Janie looked over and saw that it was Evelyn. This woman actually came? Emmeline and Janie glanced at each other. Of course, Evelyn said that the Ryker and Murphy families had always been friends, so it was normal for her to be there. However, Abel was taken aback. Why's this woman here? "Mr. Abel

My wife can only be you, not anyone else," Abel said with his arms around her shoulders. "I know that Mr. Abel is loyal, and he's known for it in Struyria

. I heard you two are getting married, and I'm also happy for you. Remember to invite me to your wedding!" Evelyn said with a smile. "I will. " Emmeline nodded with a smile. She did not think that Evelyn was annoying. "Mr. Abel, will you invite me to your wedding?" Evelyn asked Abel with bright eyes. Abel was a little uncomfortable due to Evelyn's sudden appearance at first. However, she did not say or do anything overboard. Instead, she even gave them her blessings, which improved Abel's impression of her. "Don't worry. The Murphy family will receive an invitation. " Abel nodded at her. "Then I'll thank you in advance, Mr. Abel. " A male waiter brought two glasses of red wine, so Evelyn took one. She raised her glass to Emmeline. "Emmeline, why don't we have a glass?"