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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 427

Emmeline picked up the remaining glass and smiled at Evelyn. "I won't bother you two anymore. " Evelyn took a sip of red wine and left with a smile. "Let's go inside and see how Adrien's preparations are going," Abel said with his arm wrapped around Emmeline's shoulders. "Sure. " Emmeline looked around and passed the glass of red wine to the maid at the side. She did not want to look drunk as her face would be flushed if she drank red wine. The maid then took the glass and put it on the drinks counter. Adrien had just finished changing in the room on the second floor and was looking at himself in the mirror. His assistant walked in and said to him, "Mr. Abel and Ms. Louise are here. " "Let them in! I need to ask them whether I look alright," Adrien quickly said. His assistant then went out to invite Abel and Emmeline in. "Please come in. " "Abel, Emma! Do you guys think I look better in a black or gray suit?" Adrien had walked out of his cloakroom and asked them. Abel and Emmeline looked at him and saw that he was currently wearing a black suit, making him look good and elegant. " "A black suit. " Emmeline thought that black would make one look dependable. "I think gray will look better. Black makes him look a little like a bodyguard

It suits you well!" Emmeline also thought that it looked better than the black suit and nodded. "Adrien, I also agree, so this is the one!" She then tilted her head and looked at Abel from head to toe. "What are you looking at me for? Adrien will be the one going on stage, not me," Abel said

. "I'm just wondering why black looks good on you," Emmeline said. Abel laughed. "You're just used to me, so you'll think I look good in anything. " "Mmhm, beauty indeed lies in the eyes of the beholder. " Emmeline nodded with a smile. "Hey, I haven't found myself a partner here yet, so stop acting all lovey-dovey in front of me. I'll get jealous!" Adrien said with a sullen expression. "Adrien, how many of them did you pick today?" Abel quickly changed the topic. "They're the ones here. " Adrien picked up the stack of photos on the table. Adrien took them over and was surprised. "Lizbeth?" "Lizbeth? Which Lizbeth?" Emmeline was also surprised. "The one I saved from the Imperial Palace. She's Evelyn's younger sister. The Evelyn we saw just now!" "No wonder Evelyn is here. It turns out she's here to support her sister. " "Lizbeth? Number one?" Adrien asked