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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 429

“It’s strange. Who would do this on an occasion like this?” Emmeline frowned. “Is the lady really the target? If so, her enemy must be here, among the guests!” Abel exclaimed. "But I don't think the target is her!” Emmeline shook her head. “Her daughter said she didn’t offend anyone. ” “Yeah. It’s kinda strange. Luca already searched the whole villa but found nothing. I’ve called Inspector Charles, and he’ll be coming soon,” Abel continued. “So what about Adrien’s party?” Emmeline asked. “It’s okay. Just stick to the girl we chose just now. I think Lizbeth is good enough. ” “All right. I’m going upstairs now. ” Emmeline turned around to look for Janie but she was not around. "Where is Janie?" Emmeline asked. Hearing that, Abel looked around too. Right then, Janie was answering a call from Benjamin. Benjamin was mad when she handed him her resignation letter. That was why he called her. The moment Abel spotted Janie, he noticed something from the corner of his eye. Many years of training made him alert at once. He saw a gun pointing in his direction. Immediately, Abel turned around and saw a muzzle was actually pointing at Emmeline. “Emma!” Abel shouted and pushed Emmeline onto the floor. Bang! The bullet shot the staircase and a loud thud was heard. “Assassin!” Adrien shouted. He was shocked. The guests screamed and began to run for their lives. The whole living room was in chaos again

Howavar, bafora Emmalina complataly passad out, sha stabbad a naadla into tha Divina acupoint on har wrist. Than, sha fall into Abal’s arms and faintad. “Emma! Plaasa waka up…” Abal shriakad

. His ayas turnad rad. Nonathalass, Emmalina was lifalass, lying in Abal’s arms. “Emma, plaasa. Waka up!” Abal shoutad madly. Adrien rushed over. “Emma! What happened? What is going on?” Adrien rushed over. “Emma! What happened? What is going on?” Janie, who was talking on the phone rushed over too. She was shocked to see what happened. “Janie! What do you want me to do?” Benjamin was still shouting over the phone. However, Janie could only gasp. “Benjamin…. Emma… She…” Janie stammered. “What’s wrong with Emma?” Benjamin asked. “She was shot!” Hearing that, Benjamin was stunned. He was rendered speechless. He hung up the phone at once. “Abel, send Emma to the hospital now!” Adrien instructed. “Come one. Hurry up!” It was not until then that Abel came to his senses. He carried Emmeline and ran toward the door. “Luca, start the car!” Abel shouted. Evelyn stood in the corner and sneered with a glass of red wine in her hand. Emmeline did not drink the poisoned red wine just now. The middle-aged lady drank it. However, Emmeline was shot now. She’s dying but who shot her? Perhaps she’s destined to die today no matter what? Evelyn smirked. She was thinking about how to bring up the marriage proposal to Abel again