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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 431

“Who would expect something like this to happen? Especially on Emma?” Adrien cried. “If anything happens to Emma, I will blame myself for the rest of my life. ” “It’s my fault! It’s all my fault. I failed to protect Emma!” Abel bawled. There were tears in his eyes. “Mr. Abel, don’t put the blame on yourself. You saved Emmeline when the assassin fired the first time. Everyone saw it. This was just an accident,” Evelyn said, touching Abel’s shoulder. However, Abel shook off Evelyn’s hands and pushed her away. “It’s none of your business and stay away from me!” “Mr. Abel…” “I said stay away from me!” Hearing that, Evelyn was rendered speechless. “Mr. Abel, Emmeline is a kind girl. She is going to be fine. ” It was Lizbeth. She was walking up to Abel. “Lizbeth?” Benjamin frowned. “Why are you here?” “Mr. Benjamin, I came for the interview. Evelyn is my sister. We saw Mr. Abel trying his best to save Emmeline just now. So, please… don’t blame him. ” “Then what exactly happened today? Who shot Emma?” Benjamin turned around and glanced at Abel. “Have you caught the assassin?” “Inspector Charles and his team are coming,” Abel mumbled. “Hope we can catch the assassin soon. ” “How’s Emma’s condition right now? I heard from Janie that…” Benjamin’s face turned pale. Hearing that, Abel did not know how to answer. Emmeline passed out and seemed lifeless just now. “Abel! Tell me… How’s Emma’s condition?” Seeing that Abel remained silent, Benjamin’s heart could not help but skip a beat. Right then, the door of the emergency room opened. Dr. Carter walked out. His face darkened. “How’s Emma?” Abel and Benjamin rushed forward in a hurry

” "What do you maan?" Abal grabbad Dr. Cartar’s collar and snaarad, “Ara you a qualifiad doctor? How did you bacoma tha haad of tha Rykar Hospital?” “Mr. Abal, ba calm!” Dr

. Cartar triad to axplain again. “Actually, wa’ra not sura if Ms. Louisa is still aliva!” All of a suddan, Abal's mind want blank. Is Emma daad? Haaring that, Banjamin could not halp shivaring. “What are you talking about?” “What are you talking about?” With a sudden shudder, Abel threw Dr. Carter on the floor. “Emma is still alive, right?” “Well, she’s lifeless! But there are still vital signs. We really don’t know how to explain it!” Dr. Carter replied. “You don’t have to explain. Just save her. Just save her life!” Abel helped Dr. Carter up. “If Emma dies, none of you will live!” “But…” Dr. Carter stammered. “There is a needle in Ms. Louise’s wrist. We don’t dare to remove it. ” “Needle?” Abel was confused. “Ya, a needle,” replied Dr. Carter at once. “We’re afraid Ms. Louise would die right away if the needle is pulled out. ” As soon as Dr. Carter finished his words, Benjamin rushed into the emergency room. “Don’t touch that needle!” he yelled. "Sir, you can't come in!” The nurses quickly stopped him. “Fu*ck off!” Benjamin pushed the nurses away and ran toward the operating table. On the table, Emmeline seemed sound asleep. However, her face was pale. Nonetheless, her lips were still cherry red. She was just like a doll. A quiet little doll who was sleeping soundly. Seeing Emmeline, Benjamin was stupefied