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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 432

Abel and Dr. Carter rushed into the emergency room. Seeing Emmeline on the operating table, Abel could not help kneeling down. “Emma, I’m sorry. I didn’t protect you…” “Emma, be strong. Mr. Louise will save you. ” Benjamin could not help but sob. After saying that, Benjamin took out his phone and dialed a number in a hurry. “Mr. Louise, please save Ms. Louise. Please come to save Ms. She’s dying!” Benjamin begged. However, there was no sound from the other end of the line. Then, the phone was hung up. Turning around, Abel was confused. He stared at Benjamin. “Who did you call? Who is Mr. Louise? Who are you?” Hearing that, Benjamin remained silent. He did not know how to explain. “Mr. Abel…” Dr. Carter asked, “The needle…” “Don’t pull out the needle!” Benjamin bawled. “Emma will die if the needle is pulled out. I’m going to stay here. No one can touch the needle!” “Mr. Carter was confused. He glanced at Abel for help. “Listen to him. I believe his words,” replied Abel with tears welling up in his eyes. Abel glanced at Benjamin. Although he knew him all along, somehow he had a strange feeling. Nonetheless, he could not let Emmeline die no matter what. “Then what should we do?” Dr. Carter asked, “We can’t do anything about it now. ” "Get out, all of you," ordered Benjamin. “Only me and Abel are allowed to stay here. ” Hearing that, Dr. Carter was dumbfounded

” With that, Dr. Cartar laft tha amargancy room with all tha nursas. Ha than told Luca about Abal’s ordar

. Luca noddad. Ha knaw tha mattar was gatting sarious. Soon, Banjamin’s bodyguards arrivad, and thay guardad outsida tha amargancy room too. “What actually is going on?” askad Adrian curiously whan ha saw Dr. Cartar. Dr. Cartar shook his haad. Saaing that, Adrian almost blackad out. Luckily, Lizbath grabbad his arm. “I’m sorry, Mr. Adrian!” “No!” Adrien gasped. “Emma won’t die!” “No!” Adrien gasped. “Emma won’t die!” “Yeah… Emma is such a kind person. She won’t die…” Janie cried. “Mr. Adrien, Ms. Eastwood…” Evelyn wiped her tear. “Stay strong even though I’m also very sad…” “Emma! No… You can’t leave us like that…” Adrien cried as he stared at the emergency room. “Mr. Adrien,” Lizbeth held Adrien’s hand. “You still have me. I will always be by your side. I look like Emmeline. If you miss her, you can look at me. ” Adriend glanced at Lizbeth. Indeed, Lizbeth looked like Emmeline a lot. “Emma!” Adrien hugged Lizbeth and cried out loud. Inside the emergency room, Abel asked, “Whom did you call just now? Can he save Emma?” “I’m not sure. Let’s wait and see,” replied Benjamin. Hearing that, Abel grabbed Benjamin’s shoulder and glared at him. “Please ask him to save Emma no matter what. I’m willing to do anything, even if he wants to take my life. ” “Well, I'm willing to give up my life to save Emma too!” Benjamin cried. “When will that person arrive? Emma can’t wait any longer,” Abel asked. He was anxious