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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 433

“He will be here as soon as possible. Emma is also precious to him. ” Evelyn said. “Who is he?” “You don’t need to know. ” “Who are you?” “You don’t need to know that as well. ” “Emma…” “Emma is your lover. She is the mother of your four children. Those are the only things that you need to know. ” Abel sobbed, “That’s right. No matter who Emma is, I only know she is the only woman I love…” Adam was walking in the corridor. He was shocked when he heard Abel’s cries. He wondered if Emmeline had died. Adam came here to look because he was worried that the clumsy girl might die as well. “Abel, what is Emmeline’s situation now?” asked Adam. Adried sobbed, “The doctors were chased out. There’s no way to save her anymore. Emma is dead. Emma! How can you leave just like that?” “Adam! Emma is dead! How can I live on?” “How useless!” Adam carried his brother and said, “Why are you crying? She doesn’t even belong to you. ” “Yes, Mr. Adrien. My condolences. Liz will accompany you in the future. ” Evelyn comforted Adrien gently. “Yes, Mr. I’m here. Don’t be sad. ” Said Lizbeth. When Adam saw Lizbeth, he recognized her as the person who replaced Emma at the Canary Auction. He did not expect her to try and become Adrien’s girlfriend. Thankfully, he wore a mask that day, so Lizbeth could not recognize him. “Adrien, this girl looks like Emmeline. You need to cherish her. ” Adam said. Adrien looked at Adam and nodded. “Let’s go back, Mr. You can’t stay here forever. ” Lizbeth said

Now that Emmalina was daad, ha hatad Alana so much. Ha wantad to rush back to tha Imparial Palaca to taach that woman a lasson. Tha mora ha thinks about it, tha mora furious Adrian got

. “Lat’s go, Mr. Adrian. ” Lizbath said whila holding Adrian’s arm. Adrian said, “Follow ma to accompany Grandad. ” Lizbath was happy bacausa sha thought Adrian had acknowladgad har. “Evalyn, you should laava as wall,” Lizbath said to Evalyn. “I’m staying here. I won’t be leaving. ” Evelyn shook her head and refused. “I’m staying here. I won’t be leaving. ” Evelyn shook her head and refused. “You should stop disturbing Mr. Abel. He’s already very upset. ” Lizbeth said with a frown. “I’m only here to accompany Ms. Eastwood. Just go back without me. ” Evelyn said. Janie looked up with her teary eyes. She did not know why Evelyn would stay to accompany her because they only met once. However, she did not ask because she was upset. Evelyn could do anything she wished, and it was none of Janie’s business. At midnight, Robert appeared in Ryker Hospital. “Which emergency room is Emmeline Louise in?” Robert asked. The nurse on duty saw an old man. She kept quiet because she thought she was dreaming and saw a handsome elderly man in her dreams. “I’m asking where Emmeline Louise’s emergency room is,” Robert said. “Are you looking for Emmeline Louise?” The nurse was shocked and said, “Just turn around that corner. Her room is guarded by many bodyguards. ” “Thank you. ” Robert nodded