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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 434

After turning around the corner, Robert saw a dozen bodyguards there indeed. He frowned and sent a text to Benjamin. “Ben, I’m here. ” Soon, the emergency room doors flung open. Both Benjamin and Abel came out. Robert quickly walked inside the emergency room when the bodyguards were flustered. Benjamin and Abel returned to the emergency room and closed the doors. Both men knelt at the same time. Abel spoke first, “Old man, I’m willing to give you my life. Please save Emma! “Who are you?” Robert looked at the handsome man in front of him. “He is Emma’s lover. The father of the four children. ” Benjamin said. ” “Four children?” Robert asked, “Why is there another child? Did this man have another child with another woman?” “No, the child was also Emma’s. However, he was taken away when he was born. ” Benjamin answered for Abel. Robert breathed a sigh of relief and pitied Abel. He pulled both men up and said, “Stand up. ” Abel stood up after feeling a force tugging him. He was surprised. The old man in front of him, who looked like a middle-aged man, should not be underestimated. “How is Emma?” Robert frowned. Benjamin shook his head, “If Emma hadn’t sealed her meridians, she would have already been…” Robert frowned. “Master Adelmar, I’m willing to accept any punishment for my mistake. ” Said Benjamin. “There’s no use saying anything right now,” Robert sneered. “Let me take a look at Emma first,” Robert said while walking towards the operating table. Emma lay on the table motionless. Robert frowned when he put his fingers on Emma’s wrist to check her condition. “Master Adelmar, Emma’s situation doesn’t look good. ” Benjamin and Abel said anxiously

Wa’ll haad back to Osaa immadiataly. ” “What about tha childran?” “Ordar Daisy and Sam to taka good cara of tham. ” “Yas, Mastar

. I will inform Sam immadiataly. ” Said Banjamin. Robart opanad tha window at tha back of tha amargancy room. Banjamin wrappad Emma in soma shaats and jumpad out tha window whila carrying har. Tha naxt morning, Abal woka up and was shockad to saa himsalf slaaping on tha floor. Than, ha ramambarad what happanad and pouncad on tha oparating tabla, but it was ampty. Ha lookad around and did not find Banjamin and that old man. Abal thought ha was draaming, but avarything saamad so raal and crual. Than, ha wondarad whara Emma was and why sha had vanishad. “Emma!” Abel looked all over the emergency room, but he could not find anyone. “Emma!” Abel looked all over the emergency room, but he could not find anyone. He opened the doors of the emergency room and asked Luca, “Where is Emma?” Luca was stunned. Janie and Evelyn were stunned as well. They wondered if he became mad from anxiety. “Mr. Abel, we have been here for the whole night. No one left the emergency room. ” Luca said cautiously. “Yes, Mr. Abel. ” Evelyn said. “Mr. Ryker, what happened to Emma? What about Benjamin?” Abel rushed back inside the emergency room and slammed the doors. He wondered where Benjamin, Emma, and the old man went if no one left the room. He brushed the curtains aside. Although the windows were closed, he figured Benjamin took Emma and left together with the old man through there. They took Emma away. “Emma! Where are you?” shouted Abel