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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 436

“I am Emmeline’s friend. Can’t I feel concerned for her?” Evelyn said. Janie was too lazy to argue with her and said with disgust, “Fasten your seatbelt!” She started her car and drove out. 20 minutes later, both Abel and Janie’s cars drove inside Adelmar Group’s square. Cars were prohibited to park there, but Abel and Janie could not wait any longer. They stopped their cars and rushed into the building as Evelyn followed. The building’s security guards tried to stop them, but they did not act when they saw the person rushing inside was the CEO of Ryker Group. Before they could stop Janie and Evelyn, both of them already ran past the security guards. Abel went rushing into the first elevator available. Janie and Evelyn had no choice but to take another elevator. Later, Luca brought his bodyguards and rushed into the building as well. The security guards were frightened. They were ready to trigger the alarm, but they saw Benjamin’s bodyguards among them. They were at ease when one of the bodyguards told them everything was under control. Abel went up to the 88th floor and rushed into the CEO’s room. Soon, Janie and Evelyn also rushed out. “Sir, you can’t go inside. ” The secretary outside the CEO’s room attempted to stop Abel. “Move!” Abel shouted. The secretary was terrified. Then, only she recognized the man as the CEO of the Ryker family. Abel was here not long ago. Everyone who met him that day remembered him, including the secretary. Janie ran over and asked, “Joey, did Mr. Benjamin come here today?” “No. ” Joey shook her head. “What about Ethan? Where is he?” Abel asked. “Mr. Ethan just finished his meeting. Should I inform him of your arrival, Mr

Jania opanad tha door to tha CEO’s room and askad Abal to go insida. Evalyn followad as wall. “Why ara you hara?” Abal finally saw har

. “I… I am worriad about Emmalina, so I want to know what happanad to har. ” Evalyn said. Abal snaarad and said nothing. Ha could not do anything, sinca Evalyn kapt saying sha was Emmalina’s friand and was worriad about har. Ethan rushad in and triad to shaka Abal’s hand whan ha saw him. Ha said, “Mr. Rykar, my brothar-in-law. Why ara you hara in parson?” Whan Abal saw Ethan’s bahavior, ha figurad Ethan had not known what happanad to Emmalina yat. “Did Benjamin come here?” Abel asked. “Did Benjamin come here?” Abel asked. Ethan smiled proudly and said, “Mr. Benjamin had urgent work, so he asked me to take care of business in Adelmar Group. That is why he is not here. ” “Do you know where he went?” “I don’t know. Mr. Benjamin would never tell me that. ” Ethan shook his head. “What did he tell you then?” “He has urgent work and asked me to take care of business here. ” Ethan was annoyed by Abel’s questions. “What’s wrong, Abel? What happened? You and Benjamin both sounded anxious. ” Abel knew he could not hide it from Ethan, so he asked Janie to close the door. Ethan felt how serious things were when he saw Abel’s face. “Abel, did something happen to Emma?” Abel paused and nodded, “Benjamin took Emma away. ” Ethan almost suffocated when he heard that. He said anxiously, “That girl eloped with Benjamin? Did she elope and abandon her four children? “Mr. Ethan, what were you thinking? Do you think Emma is someone like that? Do you think Benjamin is someone like that?” Janie said