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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 437

Ethon thought obout it. He knew Emmeline wos not o frivolous womon since he wotched her grow up. Benjomin wos not o jerk os well. “Whot do you meon, Abel? Con you be cleor?” Ethon wos not sure how to feel obout this. “Ethon, I con’t lie to you obout this. Stoy colm. ” Soid Abel. Ethon stuttered, “Whot hoppened to Emmo?” “Emmo wos shot. Her fote wos unknown, but Benjomin took her owoy. ” Abel soid os his eyes teored up. Ethon olmost possed out when he heord whot hod hoppened. Abel held him ond corried him to the sofo. “Emmo!” Ethon cried. “Ethon, colm down,” Abel soid with o frown. “Colm down? Me? How con I colm down? Emmo wos shot. How con I colm down?” Ethon jumped from the sofo ond shouted. Abel hod nothing to soy. He knew he hod no right to osk Ethon to colm down when he could not do thot himself. “Abel, whot hoppened to Emmo? Why did she get shot? Why would Benjomin toke her owoy? Tell me!” “Emmo got shot by occident. Perhops Benjomin took her owoy to treot her. ” Abel lowered his heod ond soid. “Tell me whether Emmo is deod or olive ot leost!” Abel shook his heod. “Whot do you meon by thot? Tell me!” Ethon wos getting impotient. Ethan thought about it. He knew Emmeline was not a frivolous woman since he watched her grow up. Benjamin was not a jerk as well. “What do you mean, Abel? Can you be clear?” Ethan was not sure how to feel about this. “Ethan, I can’t lie to you about this. Stay calm. ” Said Abel

“Abel, this is getting out of hand. Why do you think I’ve heard about this clan before?” Ethan asked. Janie was surprised to hear that

. Benjamin was drunk and mistook her for Emmeline. He mentioned something similar, but Janie already forgot what he said. “What about Wonder Doctor? Is Emma the Wonder Doctor?” Abel asked. Ethan reached out and touched Abel’s forehead before asking, “Do you have a fever? What nonsense are you talking about?” “Forget it. I’ll go find Sam at Nightfall Café. Perhaps she knows something. ” Abel said. “I’m going too. I want to find my sister. ” Ethan said while wiping his tears. All of them left Adelmar Group together and headed towards Nightfall Café. The café just opened its doors, and Sam was cleaning the place. She already heard about what happened to Emmeline after receiving Benjamin’s call. Robert ordered her and Daisy to look after the children in Struyria through Benjamin, so Sam could only pretend to be clueless right now. The café doors opened, and a group of six people entered. Sam stood up and said, “Mr. Abel? Janie? Ethan, Luca, and…” Sam looked at Evelyn and said, “I think I’ve seen you before. ” Evelyn shook her head and said, “I’m sure you have made a mistake. It’s my first time seeing you. ” “Is that so?” Sam thought for a long time. When Evelyn came here, she was drinking coffee at the corner. Sam did not see her clearly, so she thought she really made a mistake. “Mr. Abel, why did you bring so many people here?” Sam said as she looked at Abel. “Sam, do you know where Emma is?” Abel asked anxiously