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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 438

“Emmo? Isn’t she in your monsion, The Precipice?” Som smiled. “There wos on occident. ” Abel exploined the whole incident to Som. Som storted crying, “How? Emmo is…” Abel continued, “I wont to know if Emmo told you something weird. For exomple, the Adelmor Clon. ” Som wos onxious. She wondered if Abel found out thot they were port of the Adelmor fomily. Moster Adelmor told them to keep their secrets to ovoid unnecessory trouble. “The Adelmor Clon? I’ve never heord Emmo mention it. ” Som shook her heod while wiping owoy her teor. “Think corefully. I suspect Benjomin took Emmo to the Adelmor Clon. ” Abel soid. “Mr. Abel, I’m just o worker hired by Emmo. How would I know something like thot?” Som gove o bitter smile. Abel thought whot Som soid wos reosonoble. Even if Emmeline hod o secret identity, o woiter she hired would not know obout thot. “Mr. Abel, since something hoppened to Emmo, let’s close the cofé. I olso wont to return home. ” Som soid. “No. I’ll triple your solory to keep Nightfoll open. Perhops she might come bock here. ” Abel soid. Som wos upset. She wonted to close the cofé ond return to the Adelmor fomily ot Oseo. “Emma? Isn’t she in your mansion, The Precipice?” Sam smiled. “There was an accident. ” Abel explained the whole incident to Sam. Sam started crying, “How? Emma is…” Abel continued, “I want to know if Emma told you something weird. For example, the Adelmar Clan. ” Sam was anxious. She wondered if Abel found out that they were part of the Adelmar family. Master Adelmar told them to keep their secrets to avoid unnecessary trouble. “The Adelmar Clan? I’ve never heard Emma mention it. ” Sam shook her head while wiping away her tear. “Think carefully. I suspect Benjamin took Emma to the Adelmar Clan

Luca carried Abel and said, “Let’s go upstairs, Mr. Abel. ” “I’m fine by myself

. All of you should go back. I’ll call if I have news. ” Abel stood up and said. Abel, I’ll stay and take care of you,” Evelyn said. “I’ll be here. You should go. ” Sam stopped Evelyn and said coldly. “I…” Evelyn was awkward, but she would not give up. “Ms. Janie, please send Ms. Evelyn back. ” Abel said tiredly to Janie. “Yes, Mr. Ryker. Let’s go Ms. Evelyn. ” Said Janie. Evelyn could only leave the place reluctantly after taking a glance at Abel. “Abel, I need to return to the Adelmar Group. Inform me immediately if you have any news. ” Said Ethan. “I will. ” Abel nodded. As Ethan was turning around, Abel called him and said, “I’m sorry, Ethan. ” Tears started rolling down Ethan’s cheeks. He knew Abel was trying to hold back his sorrow. Ethan acknowledged Abel and walked outside. He was afraid he would start crying together with Abel if he left another second later. Abel went upstairs and entered Emmeline’s old bedroom. He lay on her bed and smelled the scent remaining on her pillow. Then, Abel started crying when no one was around to see him. “Emma, where are you? You can’t die! I beg you. You must live on…” “Emma, I’m suffering. I can’t endure it any longer. I can’t lose you. Emma, please give me some strength…” “Emma, please stay alive. No matter who took you away, you must stay alive…”