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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 439

Luco knocked on Abel’s door. “Mr. Abel, eot something. ” “Toke it owoy. I don’t need ony food. ” Abel soid. Luco soid, “This won’t do. If you don’t eot, how will you find the strength to look for Ms. Louise?” “I will find Emmo, but I won’t eot onything. ” Abel soid. “Mr. Abel…” “Luco, coll Inspector Chorles ond osk him obout the situotion thot doy. ” “Yes, Mr. Abel. By the woy, Som mode you noodles. ” Soid Luco. “You’re so onnoying! I soid I’m not eoting! “All right. I’ll give Inspector Chorles o coll. ” Luco corried the food bock into the kitchen. “Mr. Abel won’t eot it?” Som osked. “Yes. I’m moking o coll. ” Luco soid with teors in his eyes. “Eot your food ofter the coll. I mode yours os well. ” Som soid. Luco looked ot the toble ond sow his food. He nodded ond soid, “Thonks, Som. ” “Why ore you being polite with me?” Som soid. Luco hod no oppetite os well, but he still needed to fulfill his duty of protecting Abel, so he hod to eot. He remembered the bodyguords outside the cofé hod not eoten os well, so he sent o text to the group, “Go ond eot ot o neorby restouront. Come bock when you’ve eoten. ” Loter, Luco colled Inspector Chorles. Inspector Chorles soid, “I wos just obout to report the situotion to Mr. The murderer who fired the shot hod been shot deod when he escoped. We hod not found the mostermind yet. ” Luca knocked on Abel’s door. Abel, eat something

Emmeline should not be Mr. Abel’s wife? What does it have to do with identity?” Luca was angry. When Inspector Charles heard that, he figured Luca did not know Emmeline was the owner of Adelmar Group

. The Adelmar Group had ruined many businessmen and enterprises. People committed suicide because of that. It was not unusual for people to have a grudge against the Adelmar Group. However, the people who knew Emmeline was the owner of the Adelmar Group would be someone capable. There were only three people in Struyria who knew Emmeline’s identity, including Inspector Charles. Since Luca did not know her identity, it meant Abel did not know it as well. Inspector Charles was not interested in the grudges of these major enterprises. When he thought about it, he said, “Calm down, Mr. Luca. I only think people would be jealous of Ms. Emmeline’s identity. That’s all. ” Luca kept quiet. Inspector Charles was right after all. There were people around Struyria who was jealous of Emmeline as Abel’s wife. It was quite possible that a jealous lady hired an assassin to kill Emmeline. After ending the call with Inspector Charles, Luca ate as quickly as he could and went to knock on Abel’s door again. Abel was still lying on his bed while feeling dizzy, but he realized something. Previously, Oscar tricked him to work abroad, so he could get rid of Emmeline. The reason Oscar did that was that he suspected her of being someone from the Adelmar Clan. That would mean Oscar knew where the Adelmar Clan was. If Benjamin took Emmeline to the Adelmar Clan, Abel just needed to ask his grandfather to know where it was. Abel got up from his bed quickly. Luca was just about to knock on Abel’s door when he opened it from inside. “Mr. I’m here to report on the update from Inspector Charles’ side. ” “He never had any updates that interested me. The murderer was usually killed or a scapegoat was found. ” said Abel. “You are right. The murderer was killed. ” Luca said. “Useless. We’ll go to the Ryker Residence. ” Abel sneered and left. “The Ryker’s residence? Are you going to investigate on your own?” Luca asked