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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 440

“Forget obout the murderer. For now, I wont to find Emmo,” soid Abel. “At the Ryker residence…” Luco wonted to osk Abel if they could find Emmeline if they went to the Ryker Residence, but he stopped osking holfwoy. He figured Abel hod his own reosons for going there. Before they could leove, they sow Lewis ond Rosoline rushing to them. Luco went ond open the door for Lewis ond Rosoline. “Mr. ond Mrs. Ryker. ” “Where is Abel?” osked Rosoline. “Mom. Why ore you here?” osked Abel. “How con we not be here when something so serious hoppened?” Lewis wos slightly ongry, “Your mother ond I thought Emmo wos in the emergency room of the hospitol, but no one wos there when we orrived. ” “Yes, Abel. Did you bring Emmo here becouse she’s…” Rosoline tried to hold bock her teors. “Even so, your mother ond I still wont to see her. ” Lewis frowned ond soid, “Our doughter-in-low’s funerol connot be o simple one!” “Dod! Mom! Whot ore you tolking obout?” Abel wos terrified by whot his porents were soying. “Whot? The hospitol director told us, it wos too lote to sove Emmo. ” Soid Lewis. “Abel, where is Emmo’s body? You mustn’t be reckless!” Rosoline wiped her teors. “Forget about the murderer. For now, I want to find Emma,” said Abel. “At the Ryker residence…” Luca wanted to ask Abel if they could find Emmeline if they went to the Ryker Residence, but he stopped asking halfway. He figured Abel had his own reasons for going there. Before they could leave, they saw Lewis and Rosaline rushing to them. Luca went and open the door for Lewis and Rosaline. “Mr. and Mrs. Ryker. ” “Where is Abel?” asked Rosaline. “Mom

I don’t know how to explain it. I can only tell you that Emma went missing, and her fate is unknown. ” Both Lewis and Rosaline were shocked

. Lewis fell into his chair while Rosaline almost passed out. Thankfully, Abel was there to catch her. “Dad. Mom. Don’t worry. We are looking for her. ” “Abel. What’s going on? Can you explain to us?” Rosaline asked while holding Abel’s arms. “What happened to Emma? You’re making all of us anxious!” Lewis said angrily. Abel started explaining, “Emma was heavily injured. The Ryker Hospital couldn’t do anything. Benjamin called someone for help. An old man came at midnight. I think he and Benjamin took Emma away. There were two reasons for taking her away. One, Emma could not be saved, and they wanted to bring her back. Two, Emma could be saved, but the hospital was not the right place, so they took her away. ” Abel finally explained the complicated incident in a simple manner. The Ryker couple pieced the rest of the story together. “An old man? Who was that?” Lewis frowned. Abel shook his head. “Where did they take Emma for treatment?” Lewis asked again. Abel was still shaking his head. He would not be so anxious if he had known. “The Wonder Doctor!” shouted Rosaline. Abel and Lewis were shocked. “The Wonder Doctor? Are you saying that the old man is the Wonder Doctor?” Lewis asked