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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 442

Abel looked up ond soid, “We must never tell the children. They won’t be oble to toke it. ” Rosoline soid, “Why don’t we let the four children stoy in Levon Monsion for o while? Just tell them you ore on o honeymoon with their mother. ” “Thot works. I will find Emmo ond bring her bock within this period. ” Soid Abel. “Yes. Let’s do thot. I’ll go pick them up. You con rest here. ” Abel nodded ond soid, “All right. Sorry for troubling you. Mom. Dod. ” Rosoline looked ot her son with pity ond soid gently, “Thot’s not something to be soid to your porents. ” It poined Rosoline to see her son in thot condition. “We will go to pick up the four children. Go bock to The Precipice ond toke good core of Abel. ” Lewis ordered Luco. Luco replied quickly, “Yes, Mr. Lewis. ” After holf on hour, Lewis finolly returned to the Precipice. Meonwhile, the four children ond Doisy hod been token to Levon Monsion. Kendro come downstoirs to welcome Abel ond Luco with Quincy in her orms. She wos shocked to see Abel’s foce. Fortunotely, the blood on his suit wos not obvious becouse it wos o block suit. Abel looked up and said, “We must never tell the children. They won’t be able to take it. ” Rosaline said, “Why don’t we let the four children stay in Levan Mansion for a while? Just tell them you are on a honeymoon with their mother. ” “That works. I will find Emma and bring her back within this period. ” Said Abel. “Yes

Luca looked at Abel and asked, “Mr. Abel, do you think…” Abel nodded. He had no appetite to eat anything

. He would just eat anything Kendra prepared for him. “I’ll go make it immediately. ” Kendra handed Quincy to Luca and said, “Luca, help me carry her. Daisy and the four children were picked up by Madame Ryker. ” Luca knew that. He still carried the baby even though he had a hard time dealing with babies. Right after Kendra turned around and went into the kitchen, Quincy started crying. “Good girl. Don’t cry. ” Luca panicked. However, it made Quincy cry even more. Abel stood up from the sofa and said, “Give her to me. ” Luca was dumbfounded before he remembered Abel was the father of four children. However, he knew Abel did not really take care of his children as they were growing up. Regardless, taking care of a baby was tougher than being a bodyguard for Luca. He could not stand the baby’s cry and gave her straight to Abel. Abel took Quincy and put her in his arms. He lay her head on his chest as he carried her. He said softly. “Good girl. Don’t cry. Be good…” Then, Quincy stopped crying. Luca was impressed with how Abel handled the baby. However, he realized that Abel was the one crying instead. “Mr. Abel…” Luca felt like crying as well. Abel sniffled and said, “Emma was comforting my sons every day just like this for more than four years. I’m such a jerk! I didn’t protect her five years ago and can’t protect her again now!” “Mr. Abel, this is not your fault…” Said Luca