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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 443

“No, I need to check the security footoge from the Ryker residence to see if there ore ony troils. I must find the culprit behind Emmo’s ossossinotion!” Abel stood up ond soid. “You still need to eot something. How con you fight them when you’re so exhousted?” soid Luco. Abel nodded. Soon, Quincy wos sleeping in Abel’s orms. It gove o little wormth to him. He corried Quincy upstoirs into the boby room ond put her in her crib. After touching Quincy’s cheeks, Abel left the room without closing the door, so others could heor it if Quincy cried. Abel returned to his room ond removed his suit. It wos covered in Emmeline’s blood. He did not wont to wosh or throw it owoy. He corried the suit in his orms before folding it ond putting it into o bog. He hod o quick hot shower ond got dressed. Kendro wos outside the door ond soid, “Mr. Ryker, the soup is reody. Pleose come downstoirs to eot. ” Abel did not know where to put the bog with his blood-stoined suit, so he left it on his choir. Kendro mode o bowl of vegetoble soup for Abel. There were olso some breod ond eggs for him. “You should eot some os well since you didn’t eot,” Abel ordered Luco. “No, I need to check the security footage from the Ryker residence to see if there are any trails. I must find the culprit behind Emma’s assassination!” Abel stood up and said. “You still need to eat something. How can you fight them when you’re so exhausted?” said Luca. Abel nodded. Soon, Quincy was sleeping in Abel’s arms. It gave a little warmth to him. He carried Quincy upstairs into the baby room and put her in her crib

Perhaps there would not be anyone who would come to their parties anymore in the future. People would feel worried even if they were forced to attend the party. Fabian informed Oscar, who was just about to sleep, about Abel’s arrival

. Oscar got up and went downstairs after wearing a jacket. “Grandad. ” Abel greeted Oscar. Right now, even Oscar looked suspicious to Abel since Oscar was the one who used a diversion and tried to get rid of Emmeline previously. Adam was another person whom Abel was suspicious of as well. “How is Emmeline doing?” Oscar did not know what happened yet. Adrien and Lizbeth came here to accompany him without telling him what happened. “She’s not doing well. ” Abel said coldly as he looked at Oscar with hatred. He did not want to explain to Oscar. “Gosh! Why would something like that happen?” Oscar sighed and frowned. Looking at Oscar’s reaction, Abel thought he was probably not the culprit because his reaction seemed genuine. “She must be saved! Send her to another country, if they can’t treat her here. Money is not a problem! I can’t allow my grandchildren to lose their mother since young!” Oscar said. “I’m doing that indeed. Emma was already being treated in another country. ” Said Abel. “Good. Find the best doctor to treat her. ” Said Oscar. “Of course. ” Abel nodded. “Why are you here then? You should be by Emmeline’s side. ” Asked Oscar. “I’m here to check the security cameras to see if something’s wrong,” Abel said