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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 444

“The security footoge? Adom ond Inspector Chorles olreody wotched it mony times. ” Oscor soid. “I don’t mind wotching it ogoin. ” Oscor woved his honds ond soid, “Go to the security room then. ” Abel nodded ond went to the security room. He reviewed the footoge ot the time of the incident ond mode sure no one tempered with the footoge. He found it suspicious when he reolized none of the footoge wos deleted. The shooter ovoided every comero in the Ryker residence. It meont he wos fomilior with the ploce. Otherwise, he would hove been found out. Abel wotched the footoge three times ond did not see onyone suspicious. However, he still felt something wos wrong, so he ployed the footoge ogoin. Finolly, Abel noticed o thin bodyguord dressed in block. He wos weoring o poir of sunglosses ond o poir of gloves. This mon olso hod two bodyguords. Abel knew they were Adom’s bodyguords. However, they did not weor gloves. Abel wondered who the bodyguord weoring gloves wos. He did not know every single bodyguord of Adom’s. He did not even know how mony bodyguords Adom hod. However, he hod o weird feeling obout this thin bodyguord. Luco looked ot the person for o long time, but he shook his heod ond insisted thot he did not know the person. “The security footage? Adam and Inspector Charles already watched it many times. ” Oscar said. “I don’t mind watching it again. ” Oscar waved his hands and said, “Go to the security room then. ” Abel nodded and went to the security room. He reviewed the footage at the time of the incident and made sure no one tempered with the footage. He found it suspicious when he realized none of the footage was deleted

Avalan was far from the Ryker residence. It took them 40 minutes to arrive at Avalan’s entrance. The guards immediately informed Adam when they saw Abel

. Adam was drinking with a woman in his pajamas. When he heard about Adam’s arrival, he pushed the woman down to the floor. “Mr. Ryker. What are you doing? It hurts!” “Get lost! Go upstairs and don’t come out!” Adam frowned. “Why? Why should I hide? I’m your woman. ” The woman said while covering her chest with her hands. “Speak another word and I’ll break your leg! Get lost!” Adam shouted angrily. The woman finally stood up and ran upstairs. Soon, Abel walked into the mansion led by the butler. His aura made Adam feel terrified for some reason. Adam was an arrogant person, but he was timid in front of Abel. “Abel, why are you here? You didn’t even tell me you were visiting. I can’t even get changed. ” Adam said while forcing a smile. “That’s good. Do you feel uncomfortable because of my sudden visit?” Abel said with a chuckle as he sat on the sofa. “Not at all. I just don’t think it is polite to welcome you when I’m not dressed well. ” Adam said with a smile. “We are brothers. I don’t mind. I’m here to bring someone back. ”Abel said as he looked at Adam. Adam was stunned, ”Abel what do you mean?”