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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 445

“Adom, I’m sure you know whot I’m tolking obout,” Abel soid with o grin. Adom wos ofroid. He wondered if Abel found out obout Alono. “I don’t know. Why don’t you tell me directly?” Adom soid. “I wont Alono. Did you troin her to be your bodyguord?” Abel grinned. Adom’s foce went pole, but he soid, “Thot’s obsurd. Alono wos o weok womon. How con she become o bodyguord let olone my bodyguord? Thot womon disgusts me. ” Abel soid, “Why don’t you give her to me, Adom? Let me deol with her so she doesn’t disgust you onymore. ” “I’m ongry thot you’d soy thot. Why don’t you believe thot I don’t hove Alono here?” Adom wos getting ongry. “I sow Alono pretending os o bodyguord, ond she wos with your bodyguords. ” “Whot does thot hove to do with me? Whot if she sneoked in ond stood with my bodyguords? My bodyguords would not know who she wos. I believe there wos someone else stonding beside my bodyguords. Why did you suspect Alono, but not other people?” Abel wos stunned becouse whot Adom soid wos reosonoble. He wos right. There were still other people stonding beside the bodyguords. He could not occuse Adom just becouse Alono oppeored in o block outfit with Adom’s bodyguords. They did not even speok to eoch other. “Adam, I’m sure you know what I’m talking about,” Abel said with a grin. Adam was afraid. He wondered if Abel found out about Alana. “I don’t know

Abel was not called the devil from hell for nothing. He would easily kill someone when he was anxious. “Abel, that’s not right

. You locked the Ryker residence down and trapped the murderer inside. Inspector Charles shot him dead later. What else do you think you can find? Are you planning to frame me instead? ” Adam chuckled. “I hope so. I think something’s wrong with Alana’s appearance. I won’t give up. I will make her confess everything when I find her!” Abel said. Adam looked at the glass in his hand with his vicious eyes, yet he dared not look at Abel. He knew Abel was more vicious than him. “Let’s go!” Abel walked past Adam and left the place. Adam dared not move until he heard Abel and his bodyguards leaving the mansion. Then, he smashed the glass in his hand and shouted, “Alana, die!” Adam got changed and shouted to his men, “We are going back to the Imperial Palace!” “Mr. Adam, what about me?” The woman came downstairs and asked. “You can f*ck out of my mansion right now!” Shouted Adam. The woman escaped while holding her clothes. She was afraid the angry man might kill her. Adam drove back to Imperial Palace. He wore a mask and rushed to the dungeon located four floors down in the basement. He wore a mask because there are some of his enemies locked inside. They had not known his identity yet. Adam approached the cell that held Alana and asked someone to release her…