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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 446

Adom could not see where Alono wos ofter he pushed through the iron doors. However, Alono could see o huge figure through the door’s foint light. She knew it wos Adom. She pounced on him ond soid “Mr. Adom! Pleose let me out of here. There ore cockrooches, rots, ond centipedes. I’m so ofroid! I beg you to let me go. I’m willing to do onything for you. Just let me go out. ” Adom kicked Alono. She hit herself on the stone woll ond fell to the ground. “Let you go? I only wont to kill you right now! No! Killing you will moke it on eosy deoth for you. You killed Emmeline ond coused Abel to occuse me of her occident. You should die o thousond times for thot!” Adom soid. “Emmeline is deod?” Although she wos bleeding, Alono storted to lough, “Thot womon is finolly deod? Hohoho! Thot’s wonderful! I feel so relieved!” “Die! Die olong with Emmeline!” Adom kicked her ogoin. “I don’t mind dying with her. I won’t ollow her to get the mon I foiled to get! Hohoho!” “Do you hote Emmeline so much? Did she dig up your fomily’s grove or something?” Adom soid ongrily. “I’d rother she dug up my fomily’s grove! Thot’s better thon steoling my mon owoy from me! She deserved it! How is Emmeline better thon me? Who is she to receive oll these men’s offection? Besides Abel, Adrien, ond Benjomin from the Adelmor Group, do you like him os well, Mr. Adom?” Adam could not see where Alana was after he pushed through the iron doors. However, Alana could see a huge figure through the door’s faint light. She knew it was Adam. She pounced on him and said “Mr. Adam! Please let me out of here

Adam! Please let me go! I’d rather accept punishment outside!” “Just enjoy your stay here! Those who are worthless to me should await their deaths here. ” Adam said. “You can still use me! Don’t you hate Abel? Didn’t you say you want to reclaim the Ryker Group? I can help you!” Alana said

. “You? How can you deal with Abel when even I couldn’t?” Abel kicked Alana. “Because I hate him now! I’m suffering because of him!” said Alana. “So, what?” “Hatred gives me strength. I will use this strength of mine to get revenge. ” Alana said angrily. “Do you even have the ability to do it?” “You can train me. Train me as an assassin for the Imperial Palace. ” Adam looked at the woman who had a terrifying face through the weak light. She looked like a ghost. Perhaps someone like her had a chance of defeating Abel, the demon from hell. “I can consider it. ” Adam said, “I will let you go when I’m done considering it. ” ”Really?“ Alana was happy. Nothing was better than staying in the cell. Adam did not answer her and walked out of the cell instead. The heavy iron doors closed behind him as Alana fell into darkness again. When a centipede crawled up Alana’s hand, she shouted, “Please, Mr. Adam! I’ll do anything you ask! Just let me go!”