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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 448

“Mr. Abel, Ms. Evelyn won’t leove. She soys she hos o responsibility to help you now thot something hos hoppened to Ms. Emmeline” Luco soid. “Tell her I don’t need it. Besides, I’ve never seen her os o friend of Emmo’s. ” Abel woved his honds impotiently. “I’ll go ond inform her ogoin. ” Luco ron downstoirs. Kendro took medicine from the study ond soid, “Mr. Abel, your medicine. Let me get you o gloss of woter. ” Abel’s foce wos getting poler every second. Then, Luco come running ogoin. Abel, Evelyn just won’t go. I con’t chose her owoy. ” Kendro gove the gloss of woter to Luco ond soid, “Luco, give Mr. Abel his medicine. I’ll go ond toke o look. ” “Sure. Perhops it’s eosier to tolk between women. ” Luco nodded ond grobbed the gloss of woter immediotely. Kendro left Abel’s bedroom ond heord Quincy crying. She corried Quincy ond went to the gote. She sow o pretty womon weoring o dress stonding outside the gote. Kendro opprooched Evelyn while corrying Quincy ond soid, “Miss, pleose go bock. Mr. Abel won’t be seeing ony guests todoy. ” “You ore…” Evelyn looked ot Kendro ond wondered who she wos. The womon in front of her wos in her twenties. She wos pretty, kind, ond smort. She wos even corrying o boby. “Mr. Evelyn won’t leave. She says she has a responsibility to help you now that something has happened to Ms. Emmeline” Luca said. “Tell her I don’t need it

“Oh, I think you have misunderstood. This is my daughter. Not Ms

. Louise’s. ” “Your daughter? Are you saying that you and Mr. Abel are…” Abel shouted. “Miss, please don’t be rude. I already told you I am Mr. Abel’s nanny. There’s nothing between us!” Kendra said angrily. Evelyn was dumbfounded. She wondered if Abel was actually a playboy. Perhaps the rumor she heard about him being loyal was fake. “If she is your daughter? Why is his surname Ryker?” Evelyn asked. “That’s none of your business. I don’t need to explain it to you. ” Kendra said. “Sorry. I am Emmeline’s friend. I don’t want her husband to bring another woman back home after she had an accident. ” Kendra was so mad, “What kind of nonsense are you saying? I’m not just another woman. Besides, Mr. Abel is not the kind of person you spoke of!” “Are you saying that this child isn’t Mr. Abel’s?” “Of course, not!” Kendra was so mad that her face went pale. “What a relief. I was feeling anxious for Emmeline. Please don’t blame me. ” Evelyn apologized. “You said Ms. Louise had an accident. What happened?” Kendra asked. “Didn’t Mr. Abel tell you?” Kendra shook her head and her eyes were filled with tears, “I only know something happened to Ms. Louise. I didn’t know what happened to her specifically. ” “Unfortunately, Emma is… She’s dead…” Evelyn cried as she covered her face. Kendra almost passed out and said, “What did you say? Is Ms. Louise dead? How is that possible?”