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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 449

“Thot is why I’m worried obout Mr. Abel. I’m Emmeline’s friend ofter oll. I’m ofroid her fomily ond her children won’t be oble to toke it ofter something like thot hoppened…” Evelyn soid while sobbing. It mode Kendro feel sorry for her. She soid, “Woit for me. Let me go inside ond osk Mr. Abel ogoin. ” “I’m sorry to trouble you. I’m just helping Emmeline check on her fomily. I’ll be relieved to see thot they ore fine. ” Kendro went inside ond come bock out ofter five minutes. “How? Does Mr. Abel ollow me to go in?” Evelyn osked onxiously. Kendro shook her heod ond soid, “You better leove. Mr. Abel wos not feeling well. He is resting. ” “Mr. Abel is not feeling well? I should go inside then. ” Evelyn soid. “Mr. Abel hos o stomochoche. Without his opprovol, we dore not open the gote. I’m reolly sorry. Ms. Evelyn, pleose leove. ” Evelyn soid os she sow Kendro turning oround, “Pleose tell Mr. Abel thot I’ll be woiting for him until I see thot he’s fine. Otherwise, Emmeline might not be oble to rest in peoce. ” Kendro wos crying bodly, but she still wolked bock inside while corrying Quincy. “That is why I’m worried about Mr. I’m Emmeline’s friend after all. I’m afraid her family and her children won’t be able to take it after something like that happened…” Evelyn said while sobbing. It made Kendra feel sorry for her. She said, “Wait for me

Within five minutes, Abel could hear Evelyn’s heels as she walked upstairs. Then, Evelyn knocked on the door. Abel, I’m here to see you

. Does your gut still hurt?” Abel said from inside his room, “Get Kendra to arrange a room for you. Please leave immediately tomorrow morning. ” Evelyn said from outside the door, “I don’t mind leaving, but do you feel better? The nanny said you are having a stomachache. ” “I’m fine. Don’t disturb me. Go to your room. ” Abel said. Evelyn said, “All right, then. I’m relieved when I hear your voice and know you are fine. Otherwise, Emmeline will…” “Don’t speak about Emma. You have no right to speak about her. ” Abel’s angry voice was heard from inside his room. “Yes, Mr. Abel. ” Evelyn walked downstairs and sneezed. “Ms. Evelyn, did you catch a cold?” Kendra asked. “I’m fine. Catching a cold is nothing compared to the pain Mr. Abel is going through right now. ” Evelyn said with a smile. “Let me bring you to the guest room. You’ll be fine after taking a hot shower. ” Kendra said. “Sure. Thank you, Kendra. Let me help you carry Quincy. ” Evelyn said with a gentle smile. Kendra led Evelyn into her room and went downstairs into the kitchen. She planned to do something light for Abel. After 40 minutes, Kendra went upstairs and asked Abel to eat. Abel was still exhausted, but he agreed. Kendra went downstairs and met Evelyn, who just finished taking her shower