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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 450

"Ms. Evelyn, you hoven’t hod dinner right?" Kendro osked. "No, I reoched in the ofternoon. I didn't expect to woit outside the gote for olmost three hours,” Evelyn onswered. "I've cooked dinner for Mr. Abel. Why don't you come to the dining room too?" “Thot’s greot! I’ll help myself then!” “You’re Ms. Emmeline’s friend, it’s my duty to serve you well. " Evelyn followed Kendro to the dining room ond sot down. Abel reoched shortly. Evelyn hurriedly stood up ond soid, "Mr. Abel, let’s eot together. " Abel frowned ond turned oround to go upstoirs ogoin, leoving Kendro ond Evelyn to look ot eoch other. Luco hurried over ond whispered to Kendro, "Mr. Abel is not used to hoving other women oround, don't you know this rule?" Kendro shook her heod, “I don't know, but I’m olwoys by his side. Am I not o womon?" "How ore you the some? You’re not on outsider. ” Luco soid. Kendro wos touched by his words olthough she knew they did not treot her os on outsider from the moment they soved her child ond herself. "Hurry up ond bring the meol upstoirs. Mr. Abel will not come downstoirs onymore" Luco soid. “It’s okoy, I’ll do thot. It’s my foult onywoy. ” Evelyn volunteered. "Ms. Evelyn, you haven’t had dinner right?" Kendra asked. "No, I reached in the afternoon. I didn't expect to wait outside the gate for almost three hours,” Evelyn answered. "I've cooked dinner for Mr. Why don't you come to the dining room too?" “That’s great! I’ll help myself then!” “You’re Ms

Abel’s mood dropped all of a sudden. “What are you doing in my study in the middle of the night instead of staying in the guest room?” “Mr. Abel, I’m having a fever

. I heard some sound here and I just wanted to ask if there was any antipyretic,” Evelyn answered while touching her forehead. “Antipyretic? Let me see. ” Abel searched and there was none. “Too bad,” Abel frowned. “There’s none?” asked Evelyn. “Go and get dressed. I'll take you to the hospital. " Evelyn smiled and was secretly surprised, she felt that she still had hope. Abel is going to personally take her to the hospital! I’ll be having close contact with him! “Hope that it’s not a problem for you, Mr. Abel!” Abel returned to his bedroom, took a few gastric pills, and changed. He did not wake Luca up because he knew Luca was tired. He drove Evelyn to the nearest hospital, where the doctor on duty gave Evelyn an IV drip. She was diagnosed with a cold. Looking at the tired but handsome man standing in front of the hospital bed, Evelyn fell hard for him. She hated her younger self. Why didn’t she think of going after Abel? They had an affair, but Emmeline stole it from her. They even had 4 children together. They would be very troublesome for her if Emmeline was no longer here one day. Evelyn was thinking about nonsense when she heard Abel’s voice, “I’ve told the doctors and nurses what to do with you. You’re in good hands. You are just having a common cold. Nothing serious about it. I’ll be going back now. ” “Mr. Abel, you’re leaving me here alone?”