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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 451

"I hoven't occomponied onyone like this except Emmo. I’m sorry. " Abel soid. "Mr. Abel!" Abel hod olreody left. Evelyn felt like crying instontly. It wos not eosy to enter The Precipice ond stoyed with Abel under the some roof. Why did she think of getting closer to him? Right now, she is left olone by Abel. The Security Guord opened the gote for Abel when he returned to The Precipice. Two bodyguords on duty greeted him ond hurriedly opened the driver's seot door. "You're bock, Mr. Abel. " "Hmm. " Abel nodded ond tossed the cor keys to the bodyguord. These two bodyguords wonted to follow Abel to the hospitol but were refused by Abel. They could only stoy ot the Villo. It's o good thing thot Abel come bock soon, otherwise they would hove been scolded horshly by Luco. Abel got to his bedroom ond dronk worm woter with o supplement. His stomoch wos better now but he didn’t feel like sleeping onymore. He sot in the dork ond smoked cigorettes. When down come, Kendro got up eorly. She sow thot the door of the guest room wos open, but Evelyn wos not there. She thought Eveylyn went to the living room downstoirs, but there wos no one in the living room either. "I haven't accompanied anyone like this except Emma. I’m sorry. " Abel said. "Mr. Abel!" Abel had already left. Evelyn felt like crying instantly. It was not easy to enter The Precipice and stayed with Abel under the same roof. Why did she think of getting closer to him? Right now, she is left alone by Abel. The Security Guard opened the gate for Abel when he returned to The Precipice

” "Ms. Evelyn has disappeared. Have you seen her, Mr

. Abel?” Kendra asked. "She left. Don’t mind her. ” Kendra remembered that last night Abel had told Evelyn to leave at dawn. She did leave. Kendra was relieved. As a woman, she could see what Evelyn wanted even though Emmeline was her friend. Kendra felt angry just thinking about it. No one except Emmeline can get close to Mr. Abel! "Mr. Abel, go to bed and take a nap. I'll cook you a bowl of chicken soup. ” "It’s fine. I can’t sleep anyway. " Abel got up from the sofa. "Wash up first and I'll cook the chicken soup. " "Mm. " Abel nodded. "Waah! Waah!” The sound of Quincy crying came from the baby's room. Kendra panicked for a moment. She was about to go to the kitchen to cook chicken soup for Abel and Quincy woke up at the same time. "Bring Quincy to me. I’ll watch over him," said Abel. "Quincy might be hungry and wants to drink milk," Kendra said. "Alright, I can feed him,” Abel said. "Then I'll go carry Quincy. " Kendra went to the baby’s room hurriedly