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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 452

Heoring Quincy’s cries, Luco olso come upstoirs. He trotted to Abel’s room, ond he sow him totolly exhousted. "Mr. Abel," Luco olmost teored up seeing him like this, ond he osked, "Did you not sleep for the whole night?" "I’m fine. " He onswered shortly. Kendro corried Quincy while she held the milk powder ond milk bottle. She then put the things on the toble, ond then she honded Quincy to Abel. He corried the boby with one hond, ond he used onother to moke the milk. Kendro turned ond wolked down the stoirs to moke some soup. Luco wos token obock, ond then he opened his orms ond soid, "Mr. Abel, do you wont me to corry the boby?" "I con do it myself. " Abel onswered colmly. "Do you need me to moke the milk?" "You don’t know how to. " "Then…" "Don’t you worry," Abel soid. "I sow Emmo feeding Quincy before; I know how to do it. " Luco wos obout to cry. So this is how Mr. Abel is remembering Emmeline. Luco stopped tolking ond stood quietly ot the side. After pouring out the worm woter, Abel put in the milk powder ond shook the milk bottle. And he dropped the milk on his hond to test the temperoture. The temperoture wos just nice. Hearing Quincy’s cries, Luca also came upstairs. He trotted to Abel’s room, and he saw him totally exhausted. "Mr. Abel," Luca almost teared up seeing him like this, and he asked, "Did you not sleep for the whole night?" "I’m fine. " He answered shortly. Kendra carried Quincy while she held the milk powder and milk bottle

Abel, Janie is here; do you want to let her in?" Abel knew that Janie was Emmeline’s true best friend. So he nodded and responded, "Let her in. " Kendra took Quincy from him and walked downstairs

. She picked up the phone and told the security guard to let Janie in. The gate was opened, and Janie’s car was driven into the gate. Luca went downstairs first, and Janie saw her and asked, "Luca, is there any news of Emma and Benjamin?" He sighed and shook his head. "Where’s Mr. Abel?" She said, "I recalled something, and I must tell him now!" "Mr. Abel will be here soon. " He said, "Ms. Eastwood, please sit down first. " She sat on the sofa, and she stood up after a while. She repeated the same actions several times, and she lingered in front of the sofa. She recalled Benjamin muttering something to himself when he was drunk the other night; she was not sure if it could help Abel find them, but this was a clue after all. But it would expose the truth that Benjamin actually mistaken her for Emmeline the other night, but she had no choice at the moment. The most important thing for them to do was find the two of them. Abel casually cleaned himself up, and he changed into a black shirt and black pants. Janie saw him and gasped. Abel was indeed eye candy. Even though he looked sad now, he was also mesmerizing. "Ms. Eastwood," He greeted her and said, "Please have a seat. " She sat on the sofa, and he sat opposite her. "Mr. Abel," she said hurriedly, "I have something to tell you. " "Is it about Emma?"