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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 453

Jonie nodded. "Yes, ond there's olso Mr. Benjomin. " "Ms. Jonie, pleose continue," Abel soid, his expression becoming serious. Luco wos olso listening. "We were eoting ot Fifteen Avery Pork thot night. Mr. Abel, do you remember?" Jonie soid. "Sure," Abel soid, "It wos only o few doys ogo. " "Well, you ond Benjomin both dronk too much thot night," Jonie continued. Abel nodded. "Benjomin is more drunk thon you. " "Yes. " Abel nodded. "Then I sent Benjomin bock to Glenbrook ond helped him upstoirs to his bedroom," Jonie continued. Abel wos listening silently. Suddenly Jonie blushed with her heod down. "Mr. Benjomin colled me Emmeline ond soid mony offectionote words. " Abel mode o sound of ogreement. He knew thot Benjomin loved Emmeline. "Mr. Benjomin hugged me ond cried. He soid. " Jonie sighed in relief, "I know he mistook me for Emmeline. He soid he regretted bringing Emmeline to Struyrio ond never thought thot Emmeline would foll in love with you ot first sight. He deeply regrets it. " Abel remoined silent, but he wos onxious. It seemed thot there wos o deep connection between Emmeline ond Benjomin. "Benjomin soid he wonted to toke Emmeline bock to Reykjovík ond Adelmor Islond," Jonie continued. "Reykjovík? Adelmor Islond?" Abel stood up obruptly. Jonie nodded, "Yes, I only recolled it lost night. I wos upset when it hoppened, so I didn't remember it then. " Janie nodded. "Yes, and there's also Mr

It seemed that they were right! So, the Wonder Doctor was actually from the Adelmar family! Oscar did not know the whole story. If he had known that the Wonder Doctor was a member of the Adelmar family, he would not have asked him to pursue her but to eliminate her. Abel was frightened when she thought about Oscar's longstanding feud with the Adelmar family

. Fortunately, he did not ask in front of Oscar yesterday. Otherwise, it would have been troublesome. Oscar would not have only objected to him marrying Emmeline as his wife but also would have compelled him to divorce her and keep their kids by their side. But Abel did not care about the grudge between the Ryker and Adelmar families. To him, all those grudges were worthless. He just wanted to find his wife! "Let's go to Osea!" Abel was excited, "Luca, book a helicopter route immediately!" "Yes, Mr. Abel!" Janie said, "But Mr. Abel, for all I know, there are many islands in the Osea, more than 20,000 in different sizes. Which one is Adelmar Island?" Abel said, "We'll figure it out when we get there. Even if Adelmar Island is not registered, I will find it by searching one by one!" With tears, Janie's eyes turned red, "Then I'll go with you. I want to find Mr. Benjamin. " Abel seemed to have thought of something. That night, Benjamin was so drunk he might do something disgraceful to Janie. Abel nodded, "Okay. I'll wait for you. Go home, pack up, and come over immediately. " Janie immediately picked up the car keys and left. Kendra prepared a delicious meatloaf while inadvertently eavesdropping on the part of the conversation between Abel and Janie. Kendra said, "Mr. Abel, you should eat something first. It could be problematic if your body becomes fatigued. " Abel nodded, "I will eat some more. " Kendra said, "Then I will make some buns. They are soft and easy to digest. " "Okay. " Abel suddenly seemed to have an appetite. Two hours later, Janie returned. She was wearing sportswear and carrying a backpack. The helicopter was also ready. The driver sent several men to the helipad owned by the Ryker family. Kendra ran out of the gate, "Mr. Abel, take your medicine!" The Rolls-Royce had already roared away