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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 454

Kendra stood at the gate, holding the medicine and feeling very regretful. Why did I not think of it earlier? Mr. Abel has been experiencing stomach issues in the past few days. It is really bad. Kendra turned around and was about to enter the gate, but she saw a taxicab approaching her. Only one villa called The Precipice was in this area, and the taxicab was heading towards The Precipice. Kendra stopped in her tracks. The taxicab stopped at the gate, and the door opened, but Evelyn stepped out. She was wearing a long white dress, with her hair loosely tied up, looking delicate and pretty. Kendra was surprised to see her, "Ms. Evelyn? Didn't you leave early this morning? Why did you come back?" Evelyn said, "I had a fever last night. Mr. Abel took me to the hospital. " Kendra said, "Mr. Abel took you to the hospital? No wonder I didn't see you this morning

Abel?" Abel replied, "Yes, I forgot to bring my stomach medicine when I came. " "I'll go buy it," Janie said. "What kind of stomach medicine does he usually take?" Luca said, "Let me go instead

. You're a young girl and not familiar with the place. " Janie retorted, "Are you familiar with the place?" Luca replied, "Of course not, but it's safer for a man to go than a young girl. " Janie did not say anything after that. Luca left the hotel and went to look for a pharmacy along the street. As he was walking, his phone rang. He picked it up and saw that it was Sam calling. Luca and Sam had each other's phone numbers and added each other on WhatsApp, but they had never talked on the phone before. They only communicated on WhatsApp when Sam helped Emmeline return the rent to Abel and transferred money to Luca. They had never even chatted on WhatsApp before. Luca was excited when Sam suddenly called and quickly answered the phone. "Sam?"