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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 455

Sam's clear and pure voice came through, "Luca, may I ask if there is any news about Emma?" Luca replied, "Not yet. Mr. Abel is still searching. " "I see. " Sam did not know what else to say. She and Daisy knew about the whereabouts of Emmeline, but they could not say anything. She called Luca because she missed him but could not find a better reason. Luca said, "I will be the first to tell you if there is any news. You are making an international call. Hang up now. " Sam was surprised and asked, "International call? Where are you?" "Osea," Luca replied. Sam was even more shocked. Osea is Reykjavík. So, does that mean that Abel goes to Reykjavík? How does he know that Emmeline is there? Does he know about the island of the Adelmar family? Oh no, Mr. Adelmar will not allow them to reveal their identities

Louise, it will still be a big trouble. "His stomachache is in pain. Seriously, he doesn't eat or drink, and sometimes he even vomits," Luca's voice choked

. Sam anxiously said, "Then ask him to come back. Don't put his health at risk. " "But he didn't listen," Luca said, "He won't give up until he finds Ms. Louise!" "How can this be?" Sam murmured, "Or. " Luca said, "Forget it. I'll hang up now. I'll ask him which island he's going to next. " Sam called out impatiently, "Luca, wait a minute. " Luca frowned and said, "Sam, I'm not in the mood to talk to you. I have important things to do. "