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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 456

Sam said anxiously, "No, maybe I can help you. " "You?" Luca chuckled bitterly, saying, "Sam, it's not a good time to joke. " Sam said seriously, "I'm not joking. Because… I work for Ms. Louise. " "What did you say? I didn't get it. " Luca was stunned. "I'm her bodyguard. She is the daughter of the Adelmar family. Do you understand now? So, I know where to find her," Sam explained. Luca was completely dumbfounded. Does the simple-minded waiter, Sam, know martial arts? Is she Ms. Louise's bodyguard? Whose daughter is Emmeline? Is she from the Adelmar family? Sam said, "Luca, are you listening?" "Yes!" Luca was sweating nervously. Can he have found what he is looking for without effort? "Wait for me

" Abel's mind buzzed. Even though he had almost figured it out, he was still surprised when he heard it. Abel asked, "Then Benjamin… is also Emma's bodyguard?" Luca said, "Maybe

. He is also working for her. Otherwise, he wouldn't call her Ms. Louise. " "What about Adelmar Group?" Janie exclaimed, "It's no surprise that Benjamin always followed Emma's words. Could it be that Emma is the CEO of Adelmar Group?" Abel took several steps back. Luca supported him and said, "Mr. Abel, you promised to hold on and not get agitated. " "I'm not agitated," Abel wiped the sweat off his forehead. "The Ryker Group has always treated Adelmar Group as a mortal enemy. Recently, we've started to build a better relationship since we got close to Benjamin, but we have always been enemies in business. It turns out I have been unknowingly competing with Emma all along!"